Free Educational Websites for Kids

I’ve compiled a list of some of the best free educational websites for kids to help them learn from home. They cover a variety of subjects that will inspire creativity while also teaching children the most important educational lessons from their early years of schooling.

free educational websites for kids

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Free Educational Websites for Kids

I have broken down the websites by subject. There are also several websites that cover a variety of subjects.  Some of these websites do require you to log in, but they are all have free resources.

Reading and Writing Websites

These are the websites that are dedicated to teaching your kids how to read and write. Many of them offer free ebooks and activities to go along with them. These websites are great for developing reading, writing, and language skills.

Scholastic -ebooks with related activities

Seussville - Dr Seuss related games and learning

Storyline Online - video clips of stories being read aloud

Phonics Play -interactive phonics games

Oxford Owl - ebooks (you will need to log in, but it’s free to sign up)

Art Websites

These websites will teach your kids to appreciate art and encourage them to create works of art of their own.

Tate Kids -Games, quizzes, art ideas, facts and videos

Jumpstart Art Resources - art and craft activities

Math Websites 

When it comes to math these websites will offer a variety of challenges for your kids that are age appropriate and fun at the same time.

Multiplication - multiplication games

Cool Math Games games

Top Marks – maths games (other subject options too)

Science Websites

These are the websites that are dedicated to teaching science in a fun and engaging way.

Nasa Kids Club

Make Me Genius

Mystery Science htttps://

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Physical Activity Websites

Keep the kids active with these physical activity websites.

Go Noodle

Cosmic Kids

Variety of Subjects

These websites offer a variety of different subjects in one place. The subjects they cover are listed next to the website name. Most of these sites are broken down by age so you know exactly what you should be teaching.

Khan Academy - Math, Science, Engineering, History, Computing

DK Find Out! - Space, Science, Music, Math, History, Coding, and Nature

The Children’s University of Manchester - History, Languages, Science, Art, and Ancient Egypt

Starfall Math and English

Mr. Nussbaum Math, Language Arts, History, USA, Geography, Science, Holidays, and more

ABCya Words, Math, Strategy, and Age Appropriate Skills


There are a ton of great Youtube channels that are fun and educational. Here are a few we found that we think the kids will love.

Animal Wonders Montana - animals

SciShow Kids - science

Organic Learning (for younger children)

Other Educational Websites for Kids

There were a few other fantastic websites that didn’t really fit into any of the categories above that I felt just had to be included. These sites offer a lot of educational games and videos that will teach your kids something new.

ScratchJr - Coding for Kids

Sesame Street -games, art and videos

Highlights - Science, crafts, jokes, games

National Geographic for Kids -animals, science, history, geography

PBS Kids -games

If you know of any other free educational websites for kids that you would recommend let us know so we can check them out and add them to the list!

free educational websites for kids

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