The Benefits of Making Slime With Kids

Are you ready to read about the benefits of making slime with kids? Slime has taken over! The kids want to make glitter slime, edible slime and all of the colours of the rainbow slime. But the mess of slime is enough to make parents shudder! While making slime with kids can be a messy process, the reality is that making slime with kids is beneficial. Taking time to whip up some slime is a fabulous way to enjoy quality time while reaping the following benefits.

Benefits of making slime with kids

The Benefits of Making Slime With Kids

Some fun slime recipes to try: 

Understand Senses

Making slime and then playing with it helps kids understand their senses. Many of kid's senses such as touch and scent are used as they work to build a fun slime following their favourite slime recipe. During this fun process, kids are actually starting to comprehend how their senses work and which senses provide them a chance to touch or smell something new.

If you make an edible slime they can even explore the taste of slime!

Improves Creativity

Since making slime with kids allows you to add new things in it, such as stars or glitter, you're improving your kid's creativity. The more creative your kids get with slime, the more fun this project can be for the whole family. Colour schemes and mixtures of new objects can help your child use their creative mind to find out what will work best with their next slime project.

Quality Family Time

If you can let go of the fact that making slime is a messy business, then making slime with your kids will provide you with hours of quality family time together. Making slime is entertaining, fun, and so creative that even parents have a blast spending this quality time making their favourite slime recipe with kids regularly as a means to enjoy some bonding moments.

Teaches Science

Last, but not least, making slime with your kids is much like a hands-on science experiment. Kids will learn how the different substances mix together to form a stretchy substance known as slime. While they explore this slime texture, they can also mix colours to learn more about the colour combinations that create new colours, such as blue and red making purple which is all in the name of science.

These are just some of the lovely benefits of making slime with kids. Each of these benefits of slime will surely override that shudder you get when your kids ask you to make a mess with them during the process of creating your own slime at home.

The benefits of making slime with kids

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