How to make candy corn slime

With colder months sneaking up on us, it's the season for lots of fun activities - like this candy corn slime recipe! It's a recipe for contact solution slime that I know kids of all ages will enjoy. They can stretch and play for hours if stuck inside. To learn how to make slime of your own, scroll down below for step-by-step directions!

How to make candy corn slime

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How to make contact solution slime

If you've never made a slime recipe before, you will love this candy corn slime! It's so colourful, fun, and stretchy! It is the perfect sensory activity for younger kids, or even a great boredom buster for older kids too.

Winter months can cause a bit of cabin fever (especially when it starts snowing!), so being prepared with indoor activities is a MUST! We find that slime recipes are the way to go - especially contact solution slime recipes. They make the best slime and keep kids entertained for hours.

If you're ready to learn how to make slime of your own, scroll down below for step-by-step directions.

candy corn slime recipe

Slime Safety Notice - Adult supervision is required. Thoroughly wash your hands before and after making and playing with slime. Do not substitute any ingredients in our slime recipes. Some contact solution brands work better than others, only contact solutions containing borate or boric acid will create slime.

Candy corn slime

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Candy corn slime supplies

For this slime recipe, you'll need these ingredients:

How to make slime

STEP 1: Lay out your supplies

Before you begin, lay out all your supplies to make the process a bit easier. You'll also want to grab a small bowl and airtight container for storage.

If you'd like to divide the supplies ahead of time, you'll need to divide the water into 1/2 cup portions, the baking soda into 1/2 teaspoon proportions, and the contact solution into tablespoon portions.

STEP 2: Mix your slime base

To begin, pour 5 ounces, or 1 bottle, of clear glue into a bowl. Then, add 1/2 cup of water and 1/2 teaspoon of baking soda; stir well.

STEP 3: Add paint and glitter

Next, squirt some orange paint until you're happy with the shade of colour. Stir well. Once you've done that, add some glitter to your liking and stir again.

STEP 4: Add contact solution and knead

Add 1 tablespoon of contact solution and watch as the slime begins to form - it's going to be sticky at first so try not to panic. Mix the solution until the slime starts to form together.

Knead the slime until it is no longer sticky and then set aside in a small bowl.

STEP 5: Repeat for yellow and white

Next, repeat steps 2-4 while utilising yellow paint and glitters rather than orange.

Then, repeat steps 2-4 again while utilising the white glue instead of clear and omitting the paint and glitter.

STEP 6: Layer your slime

Once you've got all your slime colours, start layering them starting with yellow, then orange, and then white. They will begin to blend together and create fun swirls!

STEP 7: Have fun!

Now, have fun playing with the colours. As you stretch, play, and blend them together more, they will create a fun pumpkin colour!

Store your candy corn slime in an airtight container when not in use.

Candy corn slime recipe. How to make contact solution slime for kids.

We hope you have a BLAST with this fun candy corn slime recipe! It's one of the BEST contact solution slime recipes for this time of year and we know your kids will have so much fun. Being stuck inside can be a bore sometimes - but kids will love learning how to make slime with this fun candy corn slime recipe. 

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