30 Slime Recipes That Are Guaranteed to Be a Hit

Every child loves making slime. It's an art form that is guaranteed to be a hit with kids of all ages! This list has 30 different homemade slime recipes that are guaranteed to be a hit!

slime recipes


From DIY magnetic slime to glittery gingerbread-scented slime, there's something for everyone on this list of homemade slime recipes. We're sure your little ones will love the variety of options, and it'll keep them entertained all year long!

homemade slime recipes


Edible Slime Recipes (Taste-Safe)

These slime recipes use taste-safe ingredients, so they're perfect for small children. However, even though they're edible, kids should not eat large quantities. A nibble is okay, but you should closely supervise children to ensure they don't consume too much.


Marshmallow Slime 

This is a fun, edible slime recipe for kids! For children from toddlers onward, this edible marshmallow slime is perfect fun to stretch and play with, but it's also a delight for older kids too. You can give your kids a fun sensory experience without worrying about what will happen if they take a little nibble.

Edible marshmallow slime recipe


Shark Slime

Here's another taste-safe recipe that your kids will go crazy for! This edible shark slime is perfect for summertime, Shark Week, or any time you're learning about marine animals. It's made with instant pudding mix, gummy sharks, and a few other taste-safe ingredients.

Edible shark slime recipe


Chocolate Slime

Who can resist this edible chocolate slime that smells like dessert? This recipe from The Soccer Mom Blog is made with just three simple ingredients and will be a favorite slime recipe among your kids.

Edible chocolate slime recipe


Cranberry Fluffy Slime

When cranberries are in season, make this lovely pinkish-purplish cranberry fluffy slime from Natural Beach Living. It's made with marshmallows, fresh cranberries, and a few other ingredients for some tasty fun.

Edible cranberry fluffy slime recipe


Nutella Slime

All the Nutella fans out there will fall in love with this Nutella slime from She Saved made with just the hazelnut chocolate spread and powdered sugar. You can make a batch in no time for the kids to taste and play with. You may even want to sneak a bite yourself.

nutella slime recipe


Honey Slime

You can also make edible slime with honey, like this recipe from Life Over C's. Add a honeycomb, hexagon shapes, bee toys, honey dippers, and other fun things to play with as you talk about honey and the importance of bees.

Edible slime with honey

Homemade Slime Recipes

These recipes do NOT use edible ingredients, so they're best for older children who no longer put things in their mouths. You'll find lots of cool ideas here, like color-changing slime, magnetic slime, and even sand slime!

homemade slime


Color Changing Slime

This incredible color-changing slime requires only two ingredients to make but will provide your kiddos with hours of fun. It changes colors in the sun, so it's a perfect excuse to head outdoors and spend some time in the sunshine!

color changing slime recipe


Rainbow Slime

Here's an easy rainbow slime recipe made with three simple ingredients! Kids will love the bright colors, the glitter, and the stretchy feel of this bright and fun slime.

rainbow slime recipe


Sparkly Silver Slime

This sparkly silver slime (or glitter slime) is perfect for any party, especially New Year's Eve! You can make it with just four ingredients, and it would make a fantastic party favor for the kids to take home after the NYE celebrations.

sparkly silver slime recipe


Peanut Butter and Jelly Slime

This peanut butter and jelly slime from Sugar, Spice, and Glitter is not taste-safe despite its name. However, it is lots of fun to make and play with. This one is made with shaving cream, so it's a nice, fluffy slime that kids will enjoy.

peanut butter and jelly slime recipe


Butter Slime

Have you ever heard of butter slime? It's not made with butter but instead gets its name from its buttery texture. This recipe from The Best Ideas for Kids is made with baby lotion, Model Magic, and several other ingredients, so you know it'll smell lovely.

Butter slime recipe


Fluffy Slime

Nothing is quite as satisfying as playing with an excellent, fluffy slime like this one from The Best Ideas for Kids. It's colorful, extra soft (thanks to the shaving cream), and super fun to stretch and squish.

fluffy slime recipe


Clear Slime

If you want a lovely, clear slime recipe for adding glitter, confetti, or small toys to, this recipe from Natural Beach Living is a great choice. You only need two ingredients and 5 minutes to make this version.

clear slime recipe


Cotton Candy Cloud Slime

This bright blue cotton candy cloud slime from The Soccer Mom Blog is made with instant snow to create a super fluffy texture. The blue cotton candy fragrance makes this slime a sensory experience that all ages can enjoy.

cotton candy cloud slime recipe


Crunchy Slime

This crunchy slime from Childhood 101 is colorful, smells terrific, and makes a fun crunchy sound to boot. You'll use rainbow-colored foam beads to create that delightful crunchy texture that kids will enjoy squeezing and playing with.

crunchy slime recipe


Galaxy Slime

This stunning galaxy slime from Crayons and Cravings is out of this world! The glitter and stars sparkle and shine against the dark colors of the slime.

galaxy slime recipe


Magnetic Slime

Make a batch of magnetic slime to study the science of magnetism with the kids! This recipe from Dream a Little Bigger is sure to wow your captive little audience as you play and experiment with it.

magnetic slime recipe


Sand Slime

Make sand slime out of natural sand following this recipe from Simple Everyday Mom. Craft sand is recommended as it's likely more sanitary, but you can use beach sand, too, if you're allowed to remove it. It'll go great with some ocean animal toys like crabs or sea birds.

sand slime recipe


Holiday and Seasonal Slime Recipes

Celebrate your favorite holidays with an afternoon of making slime! Here are some holiday-themed slime recipes to take you through every season.


Valentine's Day Slime

This glitzy Valentine's Day Slime filled with heart confetti and lots of glitter is perfect for showing the kids just how much you love them. It will make an excellent non-candy gift for Valentine's Day, too.

Valentine's Day slime recipe


Mardi Gras Slime

This colorful Mardi Gras Slime is a great way to have some fun with the kids before Lent. If you're wondering what's with the baby, these baby figures are typically included in the traditional King Cake. The person who finds the baby is said to have prosperity and good luck for the year.

Mardi gras slime recipe


St. Patrick's Day Slime

Make this shamrock slime if you're feeling lucky! It's the perfect St. Patrick's Day activity. It has lots of green shamrocks, some glitter, and a bit of gold for good luck.

St Patrick's Day slime recipe


Easter Slime

Add this cute Easter slime from The Chaos and The Clutter to your kids' Easter baskets for a change from the usual candy gifts. With lots of mini beads and some cute erasers, it's super colorful. Just pop it into a large egg for gift giving.

Easter slime recipe


Fall Slime

This fall slime is glittery, full of fall colors, and has the perfect amount of stretch. Make it to celebrate the first day of fall or anytime you're spending more time indoors because of the cooler weather.

Fall slime recipe


Candy Corn Slime

This white, yellow, and orange candy corn slime will remind you of that classic Halloween candy! Add some pieces of candy corn into the mix for a different texture, but remind the kids that this version is not edible.

Candy corn slime recipe


Vampire Blood Halloween Slime

This spooky vampire blood Halloween slime will be a hit at your Halloween party this year. Add a set of toy vampire teeth to make it a fun gift!

Vampire blood Halloween recipe


Pumpkin Glow in the Dark Slime

A jar decorated like a jack-o-lantern takes this pumpkin glow-in-the-dark slime to the next level. Wouldn't it make an adorable Halloween party favor or a birthday party favor during October?

Pumpkin glow in the dark Halloween slime in a jar


Pumpkin Slime with Real Pumpkin Seeds

Pumpkin seed slime is a terrific way to use some of those pumpkin seeds you scoop out of your jack-o-lanterns this year. Pair this slime-making activity with your favorite Halloween book for an afternoon of fun.

Pumpkin seed slime recipe


Christmas Tree Slime

This Christmas tree slime from The Best Ideas for Kids really does look like a festive decorated Christmas tree. Red and green sequins and gold stars make this slime look as lovely as it is fun. Shape it into a Christmas tree with a stick at the bottom for the trunk!

Christmas tree slime recipe


Gingerbread Slime

The gingerbread essential oil in this gingerbread slime from Kimpsired DIY will have your kitchen smelling amazing. It looks like glittery gingerbread dough and will be fun to shape into little gingerbread men and other Christmas shapes.

Gingerbread slime recipe


Frozen Slime

Christmas is over, but your kids are still on school break and in need of a screen-free activity like an afternoon slime-making session. Elsa's Frozen slime from Kids Activities is the perfect winter slime recipe when you're in that period between holidays. They'll love the snowflakes and light blue frosty color of this slime. 

Frozen slime recipe

We hope you enjoyed these 30 slime recipes. Pin them to make sure you have them handy the next time your kids are feeling crafty!

diy slime recipes

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