Easy Rainbow Slime Recipe - using only 3 ingredients

This rainbow slime is made using such an easy slime recipe and only 3 ingredients! It is the PERFECT slime for kids as they will love all the bright colours and it is really easy to make. Below you will find step by step directions to make your own slime. Making slime is such a fun rainy day activity for kids!

easy rainbow slime

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rainbow slime

Rainbow slime is a PERFECT rainy day activity for kids. It's also a great easy slime recipe for playdates and parties. If you want to make your own slime for the first time this is a really easy slime recipe to follow.  Just take a look at our simple 'how to make slime' instructions below.

Slime Safety Notice - Adult supervision is required. Thoroughly wash your hands before and after making and playing with slime. Do not substitute any ingredients in our slime recipes. Some contact solution brands work better than others, only contact solutions containing borate or boric acid will create slime.

How to Make Rainbow Slime

make your own slime

Ingredients for your rainbow slime

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Directions to make your own rainbow slime

STEP 1: Gather slime ingredients

Before you get started, gather up all the ingredients that you will need to make your rainbow slime. This makes the process much simpler - especially with little ones helping!

STEP 2: Mix ingredients

To get started, pour 1/3 of a bottle of glitter glue into a bowl. You will be starting with just one colour, so choose your favourite to begin!

easy slime recipe

Next, add 1/4 teaspoon of baking soda and mix well.

rainbow slime recipe

Then, add 1/8 teaspoon of contact solution and mix well.

make your own rainbow slime

STEP 3: Reach desired slime consistency

If your slime is too sticky, continue adding more baking soda and contact solution until you have reach the desired consistency. Knead in your hands until the slime has fully formed.

STEP 4: Repeat for desired colours

Now, repeat for the remaining colours. We have used 3 colours in this rainbow slime recipe, but make your own slime using which ever colours you like. Add lots of different glitter glue colours for even more fun!

how to make your own rainbow slime

STEP 5: Mix colours together

Once you have all the colours of slime ready - it's time to mix them together to make your rainbow slime! Have your kids knead, twist, and stretch the slime. Let them have fun with this part!

rainbow slime

When they are done having fun with the rainbow slime, store the slime in an airtight container until they are ready to play again!

easy slime recipe

rainbow slime for kids

I hope you LOVE making this rainbow slime with your kids as much as we do! It's a great easy slime recipe for beginners that the kids are sure to love. This 'make your own slime' recipe creates the perfect consistency of slime and it's so colourful too! What a fun rainy day activity for kids of all ages! Have fun!!

Rainbow slime recipe. This easy slime is made using just 3 ingredients and the perfect slime for beginners. Just follow our 'make your own slime' directions.

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