Magic Blooming Paper Flower Craft (& secret message stars!)

Kids will love the bright colours and magical aspect of these blooming paper flowers. Not only are they fun and easy to make using our magic blooming flower template, they open by themselves when added to water as if by magic! This time of year is perfect for a flower craft or two and I can guarantee you will get a few WOW's with this magic paper flower trick. It's such a fun science experiment and craft in one!

Blooming paper flowers craft and experiment

We love simple crafts and science experiments and this fun flower craft combines the two. Have fun colouring in the printable flower templates and then get ready for the magic to happen when the flower is added to a tray of water!

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paper flowers craft

We have included a selection of different flower templates for you to experiment with, but it would be fun to draw your own flowers too. As well as flowers we have done this activity using stars with hidden secret messages to be revealed!

blooming paper craft and experiment

If you are doing this blooming paper flower craft as part of a spring or growing unit you might want to check out these other fun flower crafts for kids.

Scroll down for your printable magic blooming flower template

Blooming Paper Flower Craft

blooming paper flowers

Magic Paper Flower Supplies:

  • Flower template printed on paper
  • Colouring crayons or markers
  • Scissors
  • A plate or tray of water

Blooming Paper Flower Directions:

STEP 1: Prepare flower printable

First things first, scroll down and grab the flower printable available at the bottom of the page. Print the template onto thin paper. Alternatively you can draw your own flower designs.

printable flower template

STEP 2: Colour flower templates

Now it is time to add a little colour to your flower templates. You need to use coloured crayons or permanent markers unless you want the colours to run when the flowers touch the water.

flower template to colour

STEP 3: Cut out and fold flowers

Cut your flowers out and get ready to fold them.

magic paper flower template

Fold each of the petals in towards the centre of the flower (as shown in the image below).

flower paper craft

STEP 4: Add paper flowers to water

Time for the fun part! Are you ready to see your flower blooming? Take your tray of water and place the folded up paper flower in the centre. Watch to see what happens.

magic flower science experiment

As the water is absorbed into the paper the flower petals will begin to open. To young children this will look like magic!

magic paper flower science experiment

magic paper flower craft

Blooming Paper Flower Experiment

Experiment with using different types of paper and with different ways of folding the paper flowers. You will find some types of paper open up really quickly while other paper opens more slowly. The flowers take longer to open if you press hard when you fold them up.

You can also experiment with making double flowers by adding a small flower on top of a larger one. Watch as the larger flower opens first followed by the smaller one.

How to make blooming paper flowers for kids

blooming paper flowers trick

If you want to add an additional learning element to this paper flower craft think about adding letters, words or numbers to the centre of each flower for your child to read as the flowers bloom.

Experiment with different shapes. As well as making blooming flowers we made star shapes with secret messages in the centre of them. This is a great way of involving older children or children that don't want to make flowers.

magic blooming paper star with secret message

positive secret messages for kids

magic science blooming flower activity for kids

Another way to experiment is to try using different markers. Flowers coloured with crayons or permanent markers will keep their colour, but if you use water based markers the colour will slowly spread from the flowers into the water. Check out these magical water blossoms from Babble Dabble Do to see this fun effect.


To download these flower templates for free click on the link below and use the discount code: flower. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

printable flower template

Whether you decide to make blooming paper flowers or stars with secret messages inside the important thing is to have fun. We had the best time with this magic blooming paper flower craft and we hope you do too. A science experiment and craft in one is definitely a win win in my book!

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