Magic Milk Fireworks Science Experiment

This simple magic milk science experiment really is magical to watch.  Add food colouring to milk plus one simple 'magical' ingredient and watch as the colours explode and swirl about like fireworks. 

Magic milk fireworks science experiment for kids. Simple experiments for preschoolers upwards.

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Magic Milk Fireworks Science Experiment

Magic milk experiment supplies:

  • Full fat milk 
  • Food colouring
  • Washing up liquid
  • Cotton buds (q tips) 
  • A dish with a flat bottom 

How to do the magic milk experiment

STEP 1: Pour full fat milk into the bottom of a dish (enough to just cover the bottom). 

STEP 2: Add small drops of food colouring to the milk. 

STEP 3: Dip your cotton bud into washing up liquid and then into the milk (hold it still).
Watch as the colours quickly dart away from the washing up liquid and start to swirl around the milk. Perfect fireworks!

THE SCIENCE: This colourful explosion takes place as the fat from the milk  reacts with the soap.  The food colouring makes it possible for us to see this chemical reaction. Click here for more information from Go Science Girls

Magic milk fireworks science experiment for kids. bonfire night, new year, 4th July.  Suitable for eyfs, preschoolers upwards.

Harry was totally amazed by this experiment and loved making the colours move around the milk.  He experimented with dipping the cotton bud in different places and he encouraged the colours to swirl and mix around. 

magic milk fireworks science experiment,

Harry aged 4

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