Coloured Sugar Cubes Science Project

Preschoolers will love this fun science project utilizing coloured sugar cubes! This activity is great for STEM practice, practicing fine motor skills and more. Young children will love using droppers and watching as the sugar cubes change colour. They can then use the coloured sugar cubes to build towers and make letters and shapes as they do this cool science project. Scroll down below to get started on your own coloured sugar cubes experiment.

Coloured Sugar Cubes Science Project

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letter activity using coloured sugar cubes

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Doing science projects with preschoolers is a ton of fun. These coloured sugar cubes are definitely no exception! Preschoolers will have a blast doing this coloured sugar cubes science experiment and it's a great after school activity or for an afternoon with family too.

Scroll down to get started on this coloured sugar cubes science project.

coloured sugar cubes science project for kids

Coloured Sugar Cubes Science Project

Supplies needed for these coloured sugar cubes

Directions for this coloured sugar cubes science project

STEP 1: Gather your supplies

Before you begin, we recommend gathering up all your supplies ahead of time. We find this especially important with science projects. If you're having trouble finding a liquid dropper, you can find them in the pharmacy section of walmart or order them from Amazon.

STEP 2: Prepare your colours

To get started, place a few drops of water colour paint or food colouring in each paper cup, making sure to have different colours in each one.

Then, fill the cup half way with cold water. Make sure the water is very cold as warm or hot water will melt the sugar. Stir well with a spoon.

science project for kids

STEP 3: Experiment with sugar cubes

Next, line up the cups for easy access and then assemble the sugar cubes in a line about an inch apart from each other.

Use the liquid droppers to suck up some of the water colours and then add 2-3 drops to the top of the sugar cubes. 

coloured sugar cubes colour activity for kids

Repeat this step with various colours on each cube and even try different colour combinations. Have fun experimenting and see how many colours you can add to each cube. Be careful not to add more than 3 drops or the sugar cubes may melt and collapse.

STEP 4: Store and play

Allow the cubes to dry for about an hour and use them for crafting letters, numbers, even structures with some toothpicks. Store in an air tight bag or container when done so you can use them later!

colour science project for kids

We know you will have lots of fun doing this science project with your preschooler! Coloured sugar cubes are such a fun science experiment and using droppers is great for working on fine motor skills.

Coloured sugar cubes science project for kids. Colour activity and fine motor skills activity for preschoolers.

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