Colourful Cardboard Bird Craft

You have to try this Colorful Cardboard Bird Craft. The making process is so much fun that it will irresistible to kids big and small!

Colourful Cardboard Bird Craft for Kids


Today we'll show you how to make this fun and cute cardboard birds craft using only easy-to-find supplies which makes it a perfect budget-friendly activity. It'll keep kids having fun for hours, rest assured.

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bird craft for kids

How to make a Colourful Cardboard Birds Craft

Cardboard Bird Craft - Supplies:

  • Cardboard
  • Acrylic paint - assorted colours
  • Paper - various colours and patterns
  • 1” circle hole punch
  • Googly eyes, small
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Birds craft - Instructions:

STEP 1: Prepare your workstation. 

This is a super-duper easy project, yet it's always a good idea to gather your supplies and prepare the surface you'll be working on to avoid any messy situations. Take your cardboard and use it to cut different shapes like ovals, squares, circles, and rectangles in sizes.

These shapes will be your birds bodies. 

cardboard craft for kids

STEP 2: Paint, paint, paint!

Paint each cardboard shape using bright, colourful colours. Let them dry before moving on to the next step.

painted cardboard craft for kids 

STEP 3: Make paper circles.

Using a puncher or just some scissors, make circle shapes out of the papers. Use different coloured papers and even some with patterns.

If you have any leftover scrapbook papers lying around, now is the time to put it to use! 

Make circles for bird craft

STEP 4: Add the birds wings, eyes, beak and legs.

Lay the circles out on your painted cardboard shapes. Overlap the circles creating your birds wings, when you are happy with the shape glue them in place. 

Wings for bird craft

Glue a googly eye towards the top of your cardboard shape and finish this step by cutting a small triangle for the beak and gluing it in place.

bird craft

birds craft

You may want to add a few extra circles to the top of your bird craft. 

cardboard craft for kids

For the legs, cut two thin strips of paper and glue them to the bottom of your bird craft. 

bird craft for kids

You colourful cardboard craft is now complete! We hope you enjoy making your bird craft just as much as we did!  

Bird craft for kids. Easy cardboard craft.

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