Elf Writing Activity and Elf Craft - Printable included!

Our Elf Writing Activity and Elf Craft is a creative way to take advantage of our kid's love for Christmas and turn it into a fun-filled learning opportunity.

Elf writing activity and elf craft
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Incorporate a Christmas spin into your child's writing practice with the help of these cute little elves! 

When you need a simple but enjoyable activity to keep your energetic little ones from getting bored, templates are the way to go. Printable templates make any craft or activity so much easier and worry-free.

But this is especially true when we're trying to add some fun to our children's learning lessons. It can be time-consuming and challenging to find easy and ready-to-go learning activities. And that's why we love this Elf writing ready-to-print template! 

Little ones can have fun colouring and putting together their cute little elf paper craft and then practice their writing. We also have a Santa writing activity and a Christmas tree writing activity

Don't forget to grab our free printable elf template! You might like our free elf colouring page too. 

How to catch an elf writing activity

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How to Catch an Elf Writing Activity and Elf Craft

Elf craft

Elf Paper Craft and Writing Activity - Supplies:

  • Elf writing and craft printable 
  • Colored paper: white, skin tone, red, green, hair tone, yellow
  • Scissors
  • Glue

Elf craft supplies

How to Catch an Elf Writing Activity - Instructions:

STEP 1 - Make your elf paper craft

Scroll below to the bottom of this post and get out elf printable template. Once you have it, print it out and set up all the supplies!

The colour for each part of this craft is indicated on the printable. We used red, green, and yellow to give our elves the festive colours of Christmas, but any colour combo will do.

Alternatively, if you only have white paper you can colour or paint your elf template. 

Elf craft printable

Carefully cut each piece of your elf craft and then glue them together onto a sturdy paper sheet.

Elf paper craft

Elf craft

STEP 2 - Complete your elf writing

Now it is time for some elf writing using the 'How to catch an elf' writing printable. Encourage your child to have a think about how they would catch an elf and then write down their idea on the writing printable. Once they're done, put your elf craft together. Place your completed elf just above the writing on the writing page and then mount the elf and writing on a large piece of coloured paper. 

Elf writing

How to catch an elf writing activity

We hope your little elves have tons of fun practicing their writing with this cute elf writing activity.

Elf writing and elf paper craft


To get this elf craft and writing activity printable for free click on the link below and use the discount code: elf. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

Elf writing printable

Have fun making your elf craft and completing the how to catch an elf writing activity. I wonder what wonderful ideas you can come up with!


Elf writing activity and elf paper craft. Elf craft printable included.

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