Monster Coloring Pages

Kids of all ages will LOVE this set of cute Monster Coloring Pages. There is nothing scary about these monsters, they couldn't look cuter if they tried! With 10 monster designs to choose from, the kids will be kept entertained for hours. 

Monster coloring pages

I'm sure you can't wait to get started on coloring these adorable monster coloring pages, but before you do, check out our selection of monster crafts too, we have so many cute ideas for you to browse through. 

The pack of 10 monster coloring pages detailed below can be downloaded for free at the end of the page using the code - MONSTER. 

monster coloring

Monster Coloring Pages

There are 10 monster coloring pages included on the pdf. Below I have included a short description of each of the monster printables that are included.  I think that you will agree that they all look more cute than scary. 

  • The first monster coloring page has an outline of a monster with three eyes, standing with his hands in the air. 
  • The next page in this monster coloring page pack has a cheeky-looking monster with one eye and his tongue sticking out. 
  • Then we have a monster that has one eye in the centre of his head and two more eyes on the top of his head, giving a friendly wave. 
  • Two monsters look like they are having fun together on the fourth monster coloring page. They are standing together in front of a window. 
  • The fifth monster coloring page has a happy monster with big eyes sticking out on top of his head. 
  • The monster on the sixth coloring page looks extremely happy! He is jumping in the air for joy towards the clouds.
  • Next we have a cute three-eyed monster with a big smile. 
  • The eighth monster coloring page in this pack looks a little more spooky and would be perfect for Halloween. There is also a spooky-looking bat flying across the sky. 
  • A couple of very silly-looking monsters are on the next monster coloring page. With six eyes between them and funny facial expressions, they look like they are ready to have lots of fun. 
  • The last monster coloring page has just one monster who is sat eating a piece of cake. The bunting and spirals in the air make it seem as if he is at a birthday party. 

monster coloring sheets

How to use your Printable Monster Coloring Pages 

These printable monster coloring pages can be used for lots of different crafts and activities, but here are a few ideas for you to try: (of course you might just want to have fun relaxing as you color in your favourite monster)

  • These monster coloring pages would be perfect to use during your Halloween celebrations. There is nothing to say that Halloween has to be super scary, so why not color in a few of these friendly monster coloring pages and use them to decorate your window. You could even cut them out to create a huge monster scene. (Check out our Halloween Coloring Pages too!)

  • Coloring competitions are always fun, and what could be better than having a monster coloring competition! You could even have a few monster-themed prizes as an extra incentive.

  • Whilst we call them coloring pages, you don't have to use coloring pencils or crayons to add color to these monster printables,  paints or oil pastels work well too. Watercolor paints would work especially well. 

  • Choose your favourite monster, color him in and then make up a fun story about him. You could give him a name and write about all the adventures he goes on. 


To download these monster colouring pages for free click on the link below and use the discount code - MONSTER. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

printable monster coloring pages

We hope that you have lots of fun with these monster coloring pages. Enjoy!

Free printable monster coloring pages for kids

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