Coffee Filter Butterfly

Make a butterfly using painted coffee filters! Kids will love this simple Spring or Summer craft. The art process used to colour the coffee filters is simple enough for toddlers and preschoolers and lots of fun. Follow a few simple instructions and turn the coloured filters into adorable butterflies. 

Messy Little Monster: Butterfly coffee filter craft for kids

You will need:(affiliate links)

  • Large coffee filters (UK link / US link)
  • Watered down paint or ink (we watered down liquid acrylic paint (UK linkUS link)
  • A pot or jar for each colour 
  • Eye droppers (we used jumbo eye droppers (UK linkUS link)
  • A pipe cleaner


Painting the coffee filters

This part is really fun! Use the eye droppers to drop paint onto the coffee filters and watch as the colour mix and blend together. Leave them to dry. 

jumbo eyedroppers on coffee  filters

How to turn coffee filters into a butterfly

You will need 2 coloured coffee filters for each butterfly.
  • Fold the coffee filters in half.

coloured coffee filters

  • Scrunch each coffee filter in the middle.

coffee filter craft

  • Twist a pipe cleaner around the two coffee filters to create a butterfly.  Leave a bit of pipe cleaner at the top to create its antennae.

Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft for Kids

Don't they look effective! 

Coffee Filter Butterfly Craft for Kids

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  1. My Grandson and I are having a blast making these for his Mom and his other Gramma! Thanx for the great ideas!

    1. Im glad you enjoyed making them. We did too :-)

  2. Last week we made Terrariums and home made cards! Early Mother's day gifts as I was not sure I would get to see my daughter and Grandson for Mother's day! They turned out beautiful, she loved her terrarium, home made card and a tea bag and tea pot paper to hang on fridge, she had made one for me as a little girl which I still have and she loved it!


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