Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Thanksgiving is a time for family and togetherness. That means it's the perfect time of year to cozy up together and do some crafting. We've rounded up 23+ adorable Thanksgiving crafts for kids that we think you're going to love. 

Thanksgiving crafts for kids


You'll find lots of terrific turkeys, some corn crafts, pumpkin pie crafts, pilgrim crafts, and some projects that focus on thankfulness. We've selected lots of fun ideas for your toddlers and preschoolers, but older children will enjoy them, too. The paper turkeys and turkey windsocks make fabulous thanksgiving decor. And your whole family can become turkeys with the turkey headbands! Check out the fun Thanksgiving crafts below.

Cute and easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids

Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids from Messy Little Monster

Let's kick things off with a few of our favourites from right here at MLM. Learn shapes, practice colour matching, and create some beautiful art with these cute crafts.


Shape Turkey Craft

Preschoolers can learn their shapes and make a fun craft at the same time! Our Shape Turkey Craft is such a fun way to teach circles, squares, triangles, and rectangles to little ones. Plus, those little turkeys with big eyes and colourful tail feathers are pretty cute!
Turkey craft Thanksgiving craft for kids

Paper Plate Turkey Craft

This Paper Plate Turkey Craft combines a paper plate craft with a coffee filter craft to create a beautiful Thanksgiving turkey with watercolour 'feathers.' You could do mini versions of this turkey craft with dessert plates and cupcake liners to make adorable place cards for your Thanksgiving table, too.

paper plate turkey thanksgiving craft for kids

Paper Turkey Craft

Use our turkey template to make a gorgeous Colourful Paper Turkey Craft with the kids. This papercraft is perfect for the classroom, especially if you cut out and prep some of the pieces ahead of time for the younger children. To add a literacy activity to this craft, have the children write things they're thankful for on each of the turkey's tail feathers.

colourful turkey Thanksgiving craft for kids


Colour Match Paper Plate Turkey

Practice colour matching with this cute and engaging Colour Match Paper Plate Turkey. It's a craft and learning activity in one fun project! We focused on red, blue, orange, yellow, and green, but you can use whichever colours your preschooler is working on learning at the moment.

colour match paper plate turkey Thanksgiving craft for kids

Turkey Colouring Page

If you want to keep it simple use our turkey colouring page to make your own zentangle art! Simply print, grab some markers and fill your turkey with patterns. Alternatively, you could use this turkey colouring page to write things you are thankful for on each feather. 

Turkey colouring page Thanksgiving craft for kids

Colouring Page of a Turkey

Here is another coloring page of a turkey. This time you can complete the turkey by adding lines to the turkey printable using a fine black marker and then using coloring crayons in colors of your choice.

coloring page of a turkey - thanksgiving craft for kids

Thankgiving Turkey Handprint Craft

Toddlers and preschoolers will love this cute hand turkey Thanksgiving craft. Not only is this a quick and easy craft to make for Thanksgiving, but it doubles up as a keepsake too! 

handprint Thanksgiving turkey craft for toddlers and preschoolers

Thanksgiving Turkey Craft

Use our template of a turkey to make your own Thanksgiving turkey craft. The great thing about this turkey craft is that the printable template includes lots of shapes that you can mix and match to make your own individual turkey, you can even use a photograph for the face! 

Thanksgiving turkey craft for kids

Black Glue Pumpkin Craft

This Black Glue Pumpkin Craft is a fun, simple art project that you can prep in no time. All you need is our template, some watercolour paints, and black glue. If you don't have pre-mixed black glue, we show you how to make your own. Outlining objects in black glue is a terrific way to make colours pop, particularly when you're using watercolours.

black glue pumpkin Thanksgiving craft for kids

3D Pumpkin Craft

Keeping with the pumpkin crafts, you will love the simplicity of this 3D Paper Pumpkin Craft. Simply decorate the strips and then pin or tape together. You could even write things you are thankful for on each strip. 

3d pumpkin thanksgiving craft for kids

Printable Thanksgiving Hat Craft

How cute are these printable Thanksgiving hats available in the Messy Little Monster Shop. 

printable thanksgiving hat craft

Printable Disguise a Turkey Craft

This disguise a turkey craft is available in the Messy Little Monster shop. It's a fun printable craft with lots of fun options for disguising your paper turkey. 

Disguise a turkey craft for thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Paper Bunting 

This printable Thanksgiving paper bunting is the perfect craft for decorating your home this Thanksgiving. Print and colour the bunting triangles and then hang them up for all to see! There are 8 different designs to choose from, or why not colour them all. 

Printable Thanksgiving paper bunting

Thankful Turkey Craft

This is a Thanksgiving writing prompt and craft all in one! Encourage children to think about what they are thankful for as they create this thankful turkey craft. 

Thankful turkey Thanksgiving craft for kids

Thankful Tree

Another option, if you want to create a thankful craft this Thanksgiving, is to make a thankful tree! Write one thing that you are thankful for on each leaf of the tree. 

thankful tree - thanksgiving craft for kids

I am thankful for .... printable 

We also have an I am thankful for..... printable that you can print off if you want to keep things really simple. The great thing about these coloring sheets for Thanksgiving is that there is no prep involved, but it still gets children thinking about what they are thankful for. 
Thanksgiving coloring page printable

Colour By Number Turkeys

If you want something you can simply print and colour check out this set of Colour By Number Turkeys in disguise that can be found in our printable store. Its such fun to see the pictures revealed as the different sections get coloured. 
Color by number turkeys in disguise craft for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving Day Placemats

Whilst not strictly a Thanksgiving craft, these Thanksgiving printable placemats will definitely keep the kids busy at Thanksgiving dinner. 

Thanksgiving placemat craft for kids

Turkeys Donuts - Edible Thanksgiving Craft

Are you looking for edible Thanksgiving crafts? If you are you will love this cute and delicious turkey donut Thanksgiving treat. They are so easy to make too!
Turkey donuts - edible thanksgiving craft

Pretzel Turkeys - Edible Thanksgiving Craft

Here is another edible Thanksgiving craft! Kids will love making and eating these cut chocolate covered pretzel turkeys for Thanksgiving.

Pretzel turkeys - edible thanksgiving craft for kids

Check out all our thanksgiving printables in the Messy Little Monster Shop too! 

Cute and Easy Thanksgiving Crafts for Kids

Here are some more fun and easy Thanksgiving crafts for kids that we have found around the web! 

Thanksgiving crafts for kids

Turkey Windsocks

These Turkey Windsocks by Happiness is Homemade will look so cute hanging on your porch or in your home this Thanksgiving. It's a great way to upcycle a tin can and use some scraps of ribbon. If you don't have ribbon, you could always use crepe paper streamers.

turkey windsocks Thanksgiving craft for kids

Lego Indian Corn Craft

If you've never used Legos to stamp out paint patterns before, you should give it a try! It creates fun texture and designs, as you see here on this Lego Indian Corn Craft by Powerful Mothering. This craft is super simple, and your preschooler will be able to do it mostly by themselves.

Lego stamping corn craft - Thanksgiving craft for kids


Pilgrim Hat Craft

Paint styrofoam cup, paper cups, or plastic cups to make this lovely Pilgrim Hat Craft by I Heart Crafty Things. They'll look terrific on your Thanksgiving table or mantle this year. Pair this craft with a book such as The Pilgrims' First Thanksgiving for a fun afternoon of reading and crafting.

Pilgrim hat craft for kids


Turkey Salt Painting

Salt painting is such a fun art technique for kids to try. You probably have everything you need already to make this colourful Thanksgiving Turkey Salt Painting by Natural Beach Living. Trace a turkey in glue, apply salt, and paint over it. Kids will love running their fingers over the dried, raised salt pattern once it's dried.

turkey salt painting Thanksgiving craft for kids

Macaroni Turkey Craft

Macaroni crafts are classic kids crafts! You can't get much cuter than this Macaroni Turkey Craft by I Heart Crafty Things. The macaroni is arranged to look like feathers, and the ones on the tail feathers are painted in pretty reds, yellows, and oranges.

macaroni turkey Thanksgiving craft for kids


Corn Craft

This easy Corn Craft for Preschoolers by Simple Everyday Mom is the perfect craft for Thanksgiving if you're not in the mood for turkeys or pumpkins. Kids who've mastered their scissors and cutting skills can make this cute corn craft all by themselves. It's an excellent choice for a classroom craft, too.

corn craft for preschoolers - Thanksgiving craft for kids


Turkey Headband

Create a wearable Turkey Headband Craft by I Heart Crafty Things with your kids or students for Thanksgiving. The kids will have such fun pretending to be turkeys, gobbling, and giggling as they play. If you're making this with a group of children, it may help to prep all the pieces ahead of time.

Turkey headband thanksgiving craft for kids

Handprint Turkeys

We love making handprint keepsakes for each holiday and season. If you like making these little treasured memories, too, try these Handprint Turkeys by Fun Handprint Art. You can either do a forward-facing turkey by leaving off the thumbprint or a turkey in profile by including it. How fun!

Handprint Turkeys Thanksgiving craft for kids


Fruit Loop Indian Corn

Turn breakfast into craft time with this cute Fruit Loop Indian Corn craft by The Simple Parent. You'll need the red, orange, and yellow ones, and you can snack on the other colours while you work!

fruit loop indian corn craft

Pumpkin Pie Craft

This easy peasy Pumpkin Pie Craft by About a Mom is a terrific activity for your toddlers and preschoolers. All you need are some popsicle sticks, paint, construction paper, cotton balls, and glue. This would be a fantastic project for the kids' table this Thanksgiving before dinner's ready.

pumpkin pie craft for kids


Yarn-Wrapped Turkeys

These easy Yarn-Wrapped Turkeys by Fantastic Fun & Learning are great for letting little ones practice their fine motor skills. Spend a little time outdoors gathering twigs to make your triangle frame, and then come inside for this calming yarn-wrapping craft that's so fun for Thanksgiving. Display your colourful turkey on the wall after you're finished.

Yarn turkey Thanksgiving craft for kids


Traced Hand Pilgrims

You're familiar with handprint crafts with the fingers spread open wide, but this Pilgrim Craft for Kindergarten by Fun Handprint Art is made with handprints with closed fingers. Add a cute hat and draw on some facial features to complete your pilgrim. This simple craft is perfect for the classroom.

Pilgrim Thanksgiving craft for kids

Fall Leaf Turkey

Incorporate the beauty of fall leaves into your craft time with this cute Fall Leaf Turkey by Hunny I'm Home. While the tutorial calls for faux leaves, you can absolutely go outside to hunt for natural leaves to make the turkey's tail feathers instead.  However, real leaves won't last long, so keep this in mind if you want to keep your turkeys around for a while.

Fall leaf turkey Thanksgiving craft for kids

Puffy Paint Turkey

Grab some shaving cream, glue, and paints to make your own DIY puffy paint. It adds dimension and fun to this Puffy Paint Turkey by Natural Beach Living. What other Thanksgiving scenes can you make with puffy paint? Try a corn cob, a pumpkin, or an acorn!

puffy paint turkey Thanksgiving craft for kids

Gobbling Turkey

What kid wouldn't enjoy making a turkey craft that really gobbles? This Gobbling Turkey Craft by Meaningful Mama is sure to get lots of giggles as the kids rub the string with a wet sponge to get the gobbling sound. Plus, the little ones will get in fine motor practice by tearing the tissue paper and placing all the feathers.

Turkey thanksgiving craft for kids

Fingerprint Corn on the Cob

Time for some finger painting! You'll love this Fingerprint Corn on the Cob Craft by Artsy Craftsy Mom. Kids use their fingerprints to make dots all over the paper to look like Indian corn. You could also use the same technique for yellow corn by using light and dark shades of yellow.

fingerprint corn on the cob craft

Thankful Pie Craft

Here's another pumpkin pie craft with a great lesson for kids on gratitude. The Thankful Thanksgiving Pumpkin Pie Craft by Natural Beach Living is a pumpkin pie with a slice cut out. Kids write things that they're thankful for (or an adult can help write the words), and when the plate is attached to the pie plate and spun around, the slice reveals what he or she is thankful for.

Thankful Thanksgiving craft

Handprint Cornucopia

If you're looking for a family craft for Thanksgiving, this Handprint Cornucopia by Kids Activities Blog is an excellent choice. Each member of the family can trace his or her handprints on fall-coloured construction paper to be added to the paper plate cornucopia. Display it proudly on your wall or table for the Thanksgiving season! 

Handprint Cornucopia craft for kids

 Pin this list of terrific Thanksgiving crafts for kids to help you plan out your November projects!

Thanksgiving crafts for kids

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