Black Glue Pumpkin Craft - The Perfect Autumn or Halloween Craft!

When it comes to Halloween season, pumpkin crafts are a no-brainer. This step by step tutorial shows you how to make this adorable black glue pumpkin craft that is both fun to make and stunning to look at!

black glue pumpkin craft
This pumpkin craft with black glue paint makes for a fun and easy craft to get into the Halloween spirit. It also works well as an easy and cute art project preschoolers and even toddlers can enjoy during a chilly fall afternoon! 

Don't forget to download the free pumpkin printable - Grab it below!

pumpkin craft

Black glue crafts are really effective, and quite relaxing to create. If you want to take a look at some more black glue crafts for inspiration take a look at our black glue tree craft, black glue flower craft and black glue earth craft.

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How to make black glue and use it to make a pumpkin craft.

Black Glue Pumpkin Craft Supplies:

  • White school glue
  • Black paint
  • Watercolour paints
  • Water
  • Paintbrush
  • Pumpkin colouring page

Black Glue Pumpkin Craft Instructions:

STEP 1: Make the black glue paint.

First, we have to make the black glue paint. To do that, you just need to mix black tempera paint with glue. You can eyeball it or use the ratio of approximately 1 tablespoon to 4 ounces.
black glue supplies

Just keep in mind the black paint will make the finished glue paint runnier. I recommend tracing some lines of black glue before starting the actual craft to ensure the paint's texture and flow are correct.

how to make black glue

STEP 2: Prep the pumpkin printable.

Gather your supplies and take your thick paper (or cardstock) you'll use as the base. Print your chosen pumpkin printable onto your paper. There are 6 different pumpkin printables to choose from using the link at the bottom of the page. 

pumpkin printable template

STEP 3: Add black glue lines.

Now, take the black glue paint you made in the first step and start tracing the lines on the pumpkin printable. Use the black glue straight from the glue container. For any tiny details you can use something small like a toothpick or the end of a brush.

black glue

black glue craft

Once you are happy with the outlined pumpkin design, let the black glue dry completely.

black glue pumpkin craft for kids

STEP 5: Paint your pumpkin.

It's time to add some colour! Use your watercolours in shades of red, yellow and orange to create a whimsical style, or alternatively you could also use acrylic paints if you want a more opaque pumpkin colour! 

pumpkin craft for kids

black glue pumpkin craft

And... your adorably cute pumpkin craft is complete! Now all that is left to do it display this gorgeous black glue pumpkin craft in your home. Enjoy!

You might also like this pumpkin life cycle pack to teach kids a little about pumpkins as they craft!

pumpkin life cycle activity pack


To download these Black glue pumpkin craft for free click on the link below and use the discount code: pumpkin. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

pumpkin printable

We hope that you have lots of fun making and displaying this gorgeous black glue pumpkin craft. 

Black glue pumpkin craft for kids. A fun Halloween craft or fall craft for kids.

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