28 Colourful Under the Sea Crafts

With summer here, you're going to need fun activities to keep the kids entertained and engaged. To that end, we've pulled together this list of amazingly fun Under the Sea Crafts that your kids are going to love.

Under the sea crafts

With 28 ideas, you'll have four weeks' worth of crafts to make. Use them as part of an ocean unit study or simply an exercise in creativity to beat summer boredom. From seahorses and jellyfish to crabs and pufferfish, you'll find so many fun creatures here to try.

Under the sea crafts for kids

Under the Sea Crafts from Messy Little Monster

First up are some of the under the sea crafts that we've made right here at MLM. We have quite a few! Some are simple crafts with templates to make crafting with several kids and younger children easier. Others, like the thumbprint ocean animals and rainbow jellyfish, are more open-ended and freestyle. You'll love them all!

Blowfish Paper Craft

The blowfish is such an interesting sea creature, and you definitely need to include this one in your under the sea crafts. We've made it super easy for you! Use our blowfish template along with our step-by-step directions for the watercolour background to make your own Blowfish Paper Craft.

We also have a similar Stingray Craft, Sea Turtle Craft and Whale Craft

fish paper craft under the sea craft

Under the Sea Shape Craft

What a fun, simple craft for preschoolers! Try this Under the Sea Shape Craft to make fish, octopuses, starfish, and more. This craft with basic shapes like triangles, circles, and rectangles is a great chance for kids to practice their scissor skills.

fish shape craft under the sea craft

Watercolour Fish Craft

How gorgeous is this Watercolor Fish Craft? The ocean waves and sand are made with torn tissue paper, while the template provided can be used for the seaweed, rocks, seashells, and fish.

watercolor fish under the sea craft

Mermaid Paper Bag Puppet

Who loves mermaids? If your little girl does, this Mermaid Paper Bag Puppet will be such fun to make. Use the puppet in play or to retell some of your favourite mermaid stories or favourite scenes from The Little Mermaid.

paper bag mermaid under the sea craft

Cute Ocean Craft

This Cute Ocean Craft comes with a template to make adorable fish, jellyfish, coral, seaweed, and starfish. Put them all together to make a cute ocean scene.

under the sea paper craft

Ocean Thumbprint Animals

Make a sweet little summer keepsake for your scrapbook! These Ocean Thumbprint Animals are so simple to make, but we'll take you through each one step by step. Make ocean print wrapping paper, greeting cards, or a canvas to hang in the home.

ocean animal thumbprint under the sea craft

Easy Shark Craft

Our printable shark template makes it so simple to pull this Easy Shark Craft together. Part of the fun is in creating the ocean background using cardstock or construction paper, tissue paper, and seashells.

easy shark craft under the sea craft

Rainbow Jellyfish Craft

Streamers and cupcake liners come together to make gorgeous rainbow Jellyfish Craft. Wouldn't these make lovely decorations for a pool party or under the sea party for the kids? Hang them up to watch the rainbow streamers flutter in the breeze.

jellyfish craft under the sea craft

Rainbow Fish Paper Plate Craft

Grab a paper plate and some colourful cupcake liners to make our adorable Paper Plate Rainbow Fish. Cupcake liners are perfect for creating textured and colourful gills to make this cute fish really stand out.

paper plate rainbow fish under the sea craft

Fish Scratch Art Craft

Have you ever made your own DIY Scratch Art? This scratch art inspired by Paul Klee's Fish Magic painting is the perfect piece of fish art for kids to make. Kids will love making their own scratch art paper and then using it to create a fun under the sea theme. 

fish art for kids

Sea Craft

Why not be a little different and instead of making a sea creature craft have a go at painting the sea instead! This sea craft for kids is very simple if you use our wave printable and it makes a perfect summer craft for kids.

Sea craft for kids

Turtle Colour Wheel Craft

Learn about primary and secondary colours as you create your own turtle color wheel for kids. Not only will this turtle craft look great hanging on the wall, it will also help you learn about the relationship between colours.

under the sea turtle craft for kids

Preschool Octopus Craft

Toddlers and preschoolers will love using washi tape to make their own preschool octopus craft. Use our simple template to create the octopus body shape and then use eight pieces of colourful washi tape to create the tentacles. 

preschool octopus craft - under the sea craft for kids

More Under the Sea Crafts for Kids

Get even more under the sea crafts from the creative bloggers listed below!

Under the sea crafts for summer

Easy Jellyfish Craft

You won't find any cuter jellyfish than the ones in this Colourful Jellyfish craft by Simple Everyday Mom. It's made from just cardstock, so it makes a terrific craft to do with a group of kids. You may want to use thinner paper for the tentacles; it will be easier to curl it.

jellyfish under the sea craft

Fish Windsocks

These Fish Windsocks by I Heart Crafty Things are stunning. They make beautiful summer decorations to hang inside your home, especially near a window where it can catch a little breeze now and then. They'll look beautiful as they flutter and spin.

fish windsocks under the sea craft

Paper Loop Pufferfish

We can't get over how cute these Paper Loop Pufferfish by Our Kid Things are. They're so simple, colourful, and fun to make. You only need a bit of cardstock and a white paint pen to get started.

pufferfish under the sea craft

Paper Plate Octopus

Turn an ordinary paper plate into a colourful Paper Plate Octopus with long, trailing bubblewrap tentacles and big googly eyes. Doesn't he look like a friendly creature? This craft by Artsy Craftsy Mom will be perfect for a study on cephalopods if you want to get more specific with your ocean animal studies.

paper plate octopus under the sea craft

Paper Weaving Sea Turtle

Get lots of scissor practice and develop your weaving skills with this lovely Paper Weaving Sea Turtle Craft from Easy Peasy and Fun. Use complementary or contrasting colours for your paper strips to create a woven pattern. Use the turtle template to make this craft easy, fast, and fun.

paper weaving sea turtle under the sea craft

Kelp Forest Ocean Craft

Use the printable template to make your own kelp forest. This colourful Kelp Forest Ocean Craft by The Art Kit includes sparkly kelp, a seahorse, an octopus, starfish, and more. Incorporate green yarn to add more texture to the craft.

kelp forest under the sea craft

Easy Crab Craft

Turn a wooden egg or plastic egg into this Easy Crab Craft from Craft Play Learn. How cute is this smiling crab? He doesn't look crabby at all. It's a great way to recycle craft eggs after Easter.

easy crab craft under the sea craft

Origami Whale

Red Ted Art's Origami Whale Craft is a terrific choice for young and old kids alike. Who doesn't love origami? The step-by-step folding directions make the shape super easy, and then you just need to draw on the facial features.

origami whale under the sea craft

Shark Headband Craft

This Shark Headband by Simple Everyday Mom is perfect for Shark Week or the summertime. It's a fantastic idea for a party favour for a pool party or would make an excellent party craft. But your kids will enjoy making this craft with you on any summer day when it's just too hot to be outside.

shark headband under the sea craft

Clothespin Octopuses

These Clothespin Octopuses from Our Kid Things aren't just crafts; they can be used for an engaging math lesson and fine motor activity as well. Pin each clothespin on, one at a time, counting to eight, and then subtract one at a time to count backward.

clothespin octopus under the sea craft

Plastic Egg Whale

Artsy Craftsy Mom's Plastic Egg Whale Craft is another creative way to reuse eggs from Easter. This one is made with a plastic egg, simply adding a tail fine, googly eyes, a sweet smile, and water shooting out of the blowhole.

plastic egg whale under the sea craft

Cupcake Liner Crab

Here's a friendly crab craft that you can make with your preschooler in just a few minutes. This Cupcake Liner Crab by I Heart Crafty Things is incredibly simple, adorable, and has just a little sparkle for extra fun.

cupcake liner crab under the sea craft

Jellyfish Water Bottle Craft

Do you like upcycling materials for your crafts? It's such a frugal way to get creative! This Jellyfish Water Bottle Craft from Frugal Coupon Living is an excellent example of that. Paint the bottom of a water bottle, and tie ribbons to holes punched in the plastic to make your jellyfish.

jellyfish under the sea craft

Handprint Fish

Create an adorable summer keepsake using your child's handprint to make a clownfish. Any Finding Nemo fan will have such a blast making this Handprint Fish by Natural Beach Living. It would make a lovely summer greeting card to send to friends and family as well.

handprint fish under the sea craft

Rocking Beluga Whale

You don't often see beluga whale crafts, but if your child has watched Finding Dory, Bailey, the beluga whale, will be a familiar character! Make this super cute Rocking Beluga Whale Paper Plate Craft by The Joy of Sharing after watching the film or while learning about the different types of whales. The drawing of the beluga whale is relatively simple, even if you're not that good at drawing. It's so fun to watch him rock back and forth once the craft is complete!

whale under the sea craft

Paper Weaving Seahorse

You'll use bubble wrap for the textured background of this fun and engaging Paper Weaving Seahorse Craft from Artsy Craftsy Mom. Paper weaving is a fun way for kids to use their fine motor skills, and it looks so pretty. The seahorse template makes assembly easy, but little ones may need some help with cutting the seahorse's body and back fin.

paper weaving seahorse under the sea craft

Ocean Suncatcher Craft

Grab some ocean-themed confetti and blue glitter glue to make this stunning Ocean Suncatcher by Fantastic Fun and Learning. It's blue, sparkly, and will have you feeling ocean vibes this summer.

ocean suncatcher under the sea craft

Under the Sea Paper Plate Craft

Rainbow Goldfish crackers are a tasty snack, but they're also fun to incorporate into crafts like this Under the Sea Paper Plate Craft from Surviving a Teacher's Salary. Paint a pretty blue ocean background, adding fish, and felt kelp to complete the scene.

paper plate under the sea craft

Crab Paper Plate Craft

It's so amazing watching crabs scuttle across the beach, isn't it? This Paper Plate Crab from Simply Today Life is the perfect craft to make after a beach visit where you're sure to see plenty of these crustaceans making their way across the sand.

paper plate crab under the sea craft

Pin this list of under the sea crafts so you can enjoy a crafty summer!

Under the sea kids crafts

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