Sea Turtle Paper Craft - Turtle Template Included!

I think we can all agree that sea turtles are the best sea creature. Both preschoolers and older kids will have a lot of fun with this Sea Turtle Craft! We have even included a free turtle template to make it super easy. Follow the step by step directions below to make your very own turtle paper craft.

Sea turtle paper craft for kids with printable turtle template.

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turtle paper craft

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Ocean themed crafts and activities can be a whole lot of fun for little ones! Preschoolers will get some fine motor practice and sensory exploration in with this turtle craft. Older kids will enjoy cutting and assembling the turtle more independently. This turtle paper craft goes brilliantly alongside an ocean theme, at school or at home.

Scroll down below to get started making your sea turtle craft!

sea turtle craft

Sea turtle craft

Turtle paper craft supplies:

  • Turtle template
  • Coloured craft papers - brown, tan, green, and white
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Watercolour paints - blue
  • Paintbrush

How to make your turtle craft:

STEP 1: Gather supplies

Before you do anything else, make sure you have all your supplies in front of you. The crafting process is so much easier this way (especially when little ones are involved!). If you haven't grabbed your free turtle template yet, you can download it by scrolling down below.

STEP 2: Prepare turtle template

Once you download the turtle template, it's time to print it on the appropriate coloured papers. The main body pieces can be printed on green, the top shell printed on brown, the bottom shell printed on tan, and the eyes printed on white.

After you have them printed, go ahead and help your child cut them out.

For some extra fun, you can opt to print the pieces on white paper instead and have your child use crayons, paints, or even oil pastels to colour them in. Have fun with it!

turtle craft tempate

STEP 3: Glue turtle together

Now it's time to glue them all together! Start by gluing the top brown shell on the bottom shell piece, making sure the bottom is sticking out a little (as shown below). Then glue the body pieces and eyes in the appropriate placements.

If preferred, cut out and colour a couple of circle shapes for the bubbles.

printable turtle template

STEP 4: Paint blue ocean background

Got your turtle put together? Time to paint the blue ocean background! Grab a piece of white paper and set your child up with some blue watercolours in various shades. Let them have fun painting a blue ocean for their sea turtle!

After they're done painting, set it aside and allow time to dry completely.

STEP 5: Finish up the turtle craft

After the ocean is done drying, glue the turtle and bubbles to the paper. You're now finished with your turtle paper craft!

turtle craft


To download this sea turtle craft for free click on the link below and use the discount code - turtle. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

printable turtle template

Putting together this sea turtle craft is sure to be all kinds of fun! Both preschoolers and school aged kids will love watching their turtle paper craft come together. We hope you have lots of fun with your turtle craft.

Sea Turtle Craft. A fun and easy turtle paper craft for kids with printable turtle template.

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