Picasso Art for Kids - Playdough Faces

There’s nothing like a fun playdough activity to keep active little minds happy and busy. This Picasso Art for Kids activity is a great way to boost your kids' creativity and imagination whilst learning about a famous artist. Even the youngest of children will have fun making their own playdough faces with this hands-on art project inspired by the work of Pablo Picasso. 

Picasso art for kids - playdough faces

Picasso Art for Kids

Pablo Picasso is without doubt one of the most famous artists of the twentieth century and there’s no wonder why!

The brilliant artist, born in Spain in 1881, loved to experiment with different styles, techniques and try new ideas all the time. He wasn’t afraid of change, in fact, he welcomed it and that became part of his signature 'Picasso Style'. 

But, even though he had such extraordinary talent and technical abilities, Picasso's mindset on art and what makes you an artist is fascinating. 

One of my favourite quotes by Picasso is: 

Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once we grow up.”

And with that in mind, today we are sharing this wonderful playdough faces activity to encourage creativity in your little ones and let them express the artist they already are! 

Picasso art for kids

Keep the creativity going with these art projects inspired by famous artists for kids!

Picasso Inspired Art for Kids - Playdough Faces

Picasso Inspired Playdough Faces Art Supplies:

  • Playdough
  • Playdough tools
  • Examples of Picasso style faces 

You can use store bought playdough or follow one of our homemade playdough recipes. You will need several colours of playdough. 

Picasso for Kids - Playdough Faces Instructions:

Picasso for kids

STEP 1: Make balls of playdough.

Let's get this rolling! First, take the playdough out of its can and roll two different colours into balls of playdough.

playdough faces

STEP 2: Make the playdough face.

Start making your Picasso inspired face by pressing the two ball of coloured playdough together and then roll them out flat. 

picasso style playdough faces

STEP 3: Add funny facial features!

Get creative! Place facial features made from coloured playdough anywhere you want on the playdough face. The funnier and crazier it looks, the better! 

playdough faces

picasso art for kids

Picasso for kids

Famous artists for kids

And there you have it! A super easy, budget-friendly and fun art activity for your little ones to enjoy indoors. This Picasso art for kids activity is perfect for all ages. Playdough faces are fun for everyone, especially when you can make them as funny as you like. Have fun!

Picasso art for kids. Picasso inspired playdough faces. Famous artists for kids.

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