Mushroom Fairy Garden House Craft

This mushroom fairy house craft is the perfect paper craft for preschoolers! It's easy to make and such a fun fairy craft for kids to enjoy. We have even included a free printable template to make this craft even easier! If your child is fascinated by fairies, this will be an exciting craft for them. Scroll down below to get started making your very own fairy garden houses!

Mushroom Fairy House Craft

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Mushroom Fairy Garden Houses

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Preschoolers who are amazed by fairies will have a world of fun with this fairy house craft! It's fun to make and play with. You could even make a whole village of fairy garden houses. This is easily one of our favourite paper crafts.

Scroll down below for step by step directions to make your own fairy house craft!

fairy craft


Fairy House Craft

Supplies needed for your fairy house craft

  • Fairy house template
  • Toilet paper roll
  • Scissors
  • Craft paper - white and other colors of choice
  • Glue
  • Ruler
  • Markers

How to make a fairy house craft

STEP 1: Gather your supplies

Before you begin, gather all the supplies needed for your fairy house craft! Have your preschooler help pick out the colours that they would like their fairy garden houses to be made from.

Download and print off the fairy house template, it can be found below if you have not yet downloaded it.

how to make a fairy house craft

STEP 2: Prepare the base of your fairy house

To get started, cut out a white piece of paper the height of your toilet paper roll and long enough to wrap all the way around it. Then, cut out the door and window for the house using the provided templates.

fairy house

Glue the door and window on the white paper and glue it on the toilet paper roll as shown below.

fairy house craft

STEP 3: Prepare the roof of your fairy house

Next, use the templates to cut out the larger shapes of the mushroom roof. Then, apply glue around the side and top edges, leaving the bottom without glue.

fairy house paper craft

Glue the pieces together and then use the templates to cut out the circle pieces. Glue them onto the roof as decoration.

fairy garden houses craft

Finish off this step by opening up the roof and gluing it to the top of the toilet paper roll.

fairy house paper craft

STEP 4: Finalize the fairy house craft

Finish up your craft by cutting out the grass shapes using the templates.

fairy garden craft

Cut out a white paper strip and glue the grass shapes around it.

fairy house craft

Carefully place your fairy craft in the centre of the grass.

fairy garden houses paper craft


To download this fairy house template for free click on the link below and add $0. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

printable fairy house craft template

We hope you enjoy making these fun fairy garden houses! This fairy house craft is the perfect paper craft for kids who love fairies. Young children will love both making and playing with this fun fairy craft.

Fairy house paper craft. An easy fairy craft for preschoolers. Make a village of fairy garden houses.

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