Fairy Door Craft

Make a fairy door (or elf door!) from craft sticks.  This magical five minute craft couldn't be simpler.  Place your fairy door outside in your garden or along your skirting board and see what magic your little one will dream up. 

How to make a fairy door (elf door) from craft sticks

To make a fairy door you will need (affiliate links):

  • 2 craft sticks (UK link/ US link
  • 5 Jumbo craft sticks (UK link/ US link)
  • Glitter
  • Button, gem or tiny pebble for the door handle (optional)
  • Pebbles to make a pathway (optional)

How to make a fairy door

  1. Put the 5 jumbo crafts sticks next to each other in a row
  2. Cover the 2 small craft sticks in glue and place them on top of the jumbo craft sticks horizontally. 
  3. Cover the fair door in glue and sprinkle with a bit of magical glitter
  4. Glue on a door handle (optional).
  5. Place outside in the garden, add a few pebbles as a pathway and wait for the fairies to visit. 

Make a simple fairy door (elf door) from craft sticks : eyfs preschoolers magical pretend play

Our fairy door has been left outside for a while and is starting to look a bit weathered, but I think this adds to the overall look of the fairy door.  We added some glitter on the ground by our door for a bit of extra magic!

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