The Ultimate Toddler Bedtime Routine

Follow our 5 top tips for creating the ultimate toddler bedtime routine! Ensuring that your toddler goes to bed on time and wakes up fresh and well-rested in the morning is so important and getting them to bed on time isn’t as tough as it can sometimes seem. Establishing a toddler bedtime routine is one of the keys to making things work, but if you’re confused about how to do it right, we’ve got you some top tips to help create the perfect bedtime routine for kids.

toddler bedtime routine

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The Ultimate Toddler Bedtime Routine

Read on to discover the ultimate bedtime routine for your toddler that you can start implementing from tonight!

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the ultimate toddler bedtime routine

Keep it Consistent

No matter what your toddler’s bedtime routine looks like, make sure that you keep it consistent. If 7pm is bedtime, make it a point to ensure that your child is on the bed by 7pm every single day without fail. Once you start doing it consistently for a few days, it will automatically become a routine, and eventually, your child will automatically start feeling drowsy by 7pm. 

Start With a Soak

A nice, warm bath can really soothe and relax your child and get him ready for bedtime. Try to make sure that all the bedtime activities are quiet and relaxing as opposed to watching TV which is stimulating.

Brush & Change

Making brushing teeth a part of your toddler’s bedtime routine is a great way to make sure his teeth are in top shape, and that he learns the importance of cleaning and personal hygiene at an early stage. 

Following this, get your child changed into comfy PJs and hand them a comfort or security item such as a blankie or a stuffed toy that they really like - it can be like their companion and can help them feel more relaxed when they are on their own at night, especially if your child is suffering from separation anxiety. 

Story Time!

It’s now time to cuddle up in bed and get ready for a nice story. Reading bedtime stories has many benefits- it can be a great way for you to connect at a much deeper level with your child and enjoy some quality time together. Stock up on some good bedtime story books that are age-appropriate and allow your child to pick up which one he’d like to read.

This way, he’ll not just learn to follow a healthy bedtime routine, but he’ll also fall in love with reading! Take a look at our book lists for book ideas.

Hugs & Kisses

End your toddl’s bedtime routine with a good dose of hugs and kisses- you can’t spoil your child, there is not such things as too many hugs and kisses or loving your child too much! Have your child say goodnight to all the members of the family, and even his stuffed toys if he feels like it and then get into bed, shut his eyes and enter the world of dreams.

toddler bedtime routine

So there you have it, our ultimate toddler bedtime routine! Remember that starting early can really help you establish a good healthy sleeping routine for your child.

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