20+ Heart Crafts, Heart Activities and Heart Printables for Kids!

Spread a bit of love with our HUGE collection of heart crafts, heart activities and (free) heart printables. We have put together a collection of over 20 heart themed ideas for kids to have a go at while they are stuck inside during the cold winter months. There is something for everyone, toddlers, preschoolers and big kids too!

Heart crafts, activities and free printables for kids.  A collection full of heart themed ideas suitable for toddlers, preschoolers and older kids.

As we head towards the month of love and Valentine's Day these heart crafts couldn't come at a better time, but you don't have to wait until a given day to make these cute crafts, turn any day into a day of love! 

Heart crafts and activities work so well for so many occasions, Mother's Day, birthdays, or just because! 

Heart Crafts, Heart Activities and Heart Printables for Kids

We have collected together our favourite heart crafts, heart printables, heart activities and heart gift ideas,  there is something for everyone in this list! 

You might like to check out our list of heart art projects too! 

Clay Heart Crafts & Salt Dough Heart Crafts

First up we have our collection of heart salt dough crafts and heart clay crafts. These crafts make cute gifts as they last a lifetime if they are handled with care. Lots of them make really cute keepsakes too!

Salt Dough Handprint Jewelry Holder with Heart Design

I love this handprint shaped handprint jewelry holder made from salt dough, complete with a heart painted in the centre of the palm. It is a lot easier to make than it looks and it is such a cute keepsake as well as being useful!

salt dough handprint heart jewelry holder craft

Fingerprint Heart Keychain

Using polymer clay you can create a heart shaped fingerprint keychain with just a few supplies. This heart craft imprinted with little ones fingerprints is the perfect homemade craft to gift to loved ones. 

fingerprint keychain heart craft

Thumbody Loves You Heart Craft

Keeping to the fingerprint heart theme create a set of adorable heart fingerprint magnets from salt dough! You could even go one step further and use thumbprints on your salt dough heart craft along with the message, 'Thumb Body Loves You'.

heart fingerprint magnet craft

Footprint Heart Clay Bowl

One of my favourite heart crafts is our clay footprint heart bowl. Make a clay shaped heart bowl with your child's tiny footprints imprinted into it. These clay bowls are so easy to make but have a professional looking finish.

heart footprint craft

Salt Dough Heart Candle Holder Craft

Use coloured salt dough to create a heart shaped salt dough candle holder. These cute candle holders are easy enough to make for even toddlers and preschoolers to get involved and they give children a sense of achievement when they have made them as they have a real purpose. 

salt dough heart candle holder craft

Handprint and Heart Salt Dough Picture Frame

Make a salt dough handprint with a heart cut out of the centre to frame a special photograph. With a handprint and a photograph this salt dough picture frame heart craft couldn't be any cuter!

salt dough picture frame heart craft

Printable Heart Activities for Kids

Next up is our collection of printable heart activities. These heart themed printables are great if you are after a quick activity that doesn't require too much prep! Just print and get ready to get craft! 

Fingerprint Heart Poem

Simply add fingerprints around this cute poem in a heart shape and you will have an adorable keepsake. This fingerprint heart craft  is perfect for nurseries and playgroups to make as it doesn't require many supplies but it will definitely pull at the heart strings! 

fingerprint heart craft and printable poem

Handprint Heart

Use can also use the same poem with handprints! Use to handprints to make a heart handprint above the cute poem about treasuring your child's handprints. 

handprint heart craft

Printable Heart Shaped Glasses 

Colour, cut out and then wear these cute heart shaped printable glasses. Lots of fun without much preparation!

free printable glasses heart craft

Printable Heart Notes and Envelopes

Make tiny love notes by writing on the printable hearts and then folding them up into heart envelopes. Your child will love having one secretly put under their pillow or in their lunch box for them to find.
printable heart envelopes

Printable Heart Tracing Activity

Have fun with these Valentine worksheets! Not only is there a heart shape to trace over with the words below, there is a collection of 8 different love themed printables!  

printable heart tracing sheets for preschoolers

Hands on Heart Activities 

Have fun with some hands on heart activities. From crafts to science your kids are sure to love one of these fun heart activities for kids.

Build a 3D heart structure 

Ready for a fun heart themed STEM activity? This marshmallow challenge is a lot of fun for children to do individually or as part of a team. 

marshmallow challenge heart activity for kids

Heart Math Activities 

Teach your little one some important math skills using conversation hearts. Candy Math using these cute conversation hearts would be perfect to do in the run up to Valentine's Day. Head over to see how many fun ways there are that these little hearts can be used. 

math heart activities for preschoolers

Heart Bread painting

Bread Painting is so much fun, heart shaped bread painting is even better! Use our easy edible paint recipe on bread to create some edible heart art! This is such a fun and unique art activity that kids big and small will love. 

bread painting heart activity for kids

Peeps Heart Playdough

Make your own playdough using peeps hearts! Not only is our peeps playdough recipe easy to make and edible, if you add a few heart cookie cutters it also makes the perfect valentine's Day activity for toddlers and preschoolers. 

edible peeps playdough heart activity for toddlers

Stained Glass Heart Cookies

If the way to your heart is through food you will love this stained glass heart cookie recipe. Kids will love making their own cookies as well as enjoying a yummy heart themed snack! 

Valentine's day heart cookies

Heart Painting with Heart Stamps

Are you ready for a fun and easy heart painting idea?! Fold a cardboard tube into a heart shape and you have the perfect DIY heart stamp to get creative with.

heart painting diy heart stamp craft

Heart Bird Feeder

Work on fine motor skills by threading cheerios onto a pipe cleaner, bend it into a heart shape and hang it out for the birds. The birds need a little love too and this heart bird feeder is the perfect way to show a little love! 
easy heart bird feeder fine motor activity for kids

Heart Crafts that Make Great Gifts

These heart crafts are not only fun to make, they also make great homemade gifts for family and friends. 

Mini Canvas Heart Craft

Fill a heart shape with fingerprints, add a cute poem and you have the most adorable keepsake! I think this mini canvas heart art looks adorable, but of course you can make it on paper or card too! 

fingerprint heart mini canvas heart art

Homemade Heart Bird Feeder

A gift for the birds! Make them a heart shaped homemade bird feeder using a cookie cutter and a few simple ingredients. This is the perfect heart themed gift for any nature lovers. 

diy heart bird feeder

Homemade Heart Sugar Scrub 

Do you know someone that loves their baths? If you do follow our easy sugar scrub recipe with the addition of tiny hearts to make them the perfect homemade gift.

homemade heart sugar scrub recipe

Heart Bag Craft

Make a cute heart bag craft to full with little treats A very easy craft that doesn't involve too many resources or much mess! The finished bags look really cute too! 

easy heart bag craft for kids

Homemade Heart Mug Craft

Using a simple technique even toddlers will be able to create the perfect heart shape on these heart scribble mugs. Wrap them in cellophane and these DIY mugs make the perfect gift. 

diy sharpie mug heart craft

We hope that you have enjoyed browsing through our collection of heart crafts, heart activities and heart printables for kids. Which are you going to try first!?

Heart crafts, activities and free printables for kids.  A collection full of heart themed ideas suitable for toddlers, preschoolers and older kids.

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