Tiny Folded Heart Envelopes - Secret Love Notes

Surprise someone this valentines day by making a tiny folded heart envelope with a secret love note written inside. Using our free printable this simple paper craft couldn't be easier and it is sure to make someone smile.   These love notes are small enough to be hidden in a loved ones lunch box or their favourite book waiting for them to find them!

Tiny folded heart envelopes with secret love notes written inside.  A simple paper craft with FREE PRINTABLE. Valentines day craft.

We have lots more heart craft and activity ideas for you to take a look at as well (including lots of free printables). 

What better way to surprise a loved one than with a tiny love note! Over the last few days I have enjoyed writing secret love notes for Harry (aged 4) and I have hidden them in lots of unusual places for him to find. He has loved finding them and reading the secret messages I have written especially for him. 


How to make a tiny folded heart envelope

Scroll down to download and print out our heart envelope printable. It has 6 different heart designs for you to choose from.

free printable folded heart envelopes- secret love notes

Cut out the hearts and write your secret message on the blank side of the heart. 

secret love notes.  Origami folded heart envelopes.

Fold the sides of the heart in.  Fold the top and bottom of the heart towards each other as in the image below. 

How to make tiny folded heart envelopes.  A simple paper craft.  Origami for Valentines day.  FREE PRINTABLE

Close the heart envelope and seal with a small heart sticker. 

Origami paper craft for kids.  Tiny folded heart envelopes with secret love letters inside.  Free printable.

Once you have made your secret love notes get creative and hide them in unusual places for people to find.  Add them to a loved ones packed lunch.

secret kindness notes for kids.

Hide them in a book or leave them on someones pillow for them to find before bed. 

hide secret love notes for kids to find.  valentines day activity

You could even leave kindness notes for strangers to find! Have fun and enjoy making someone smile. 

Secret love note origami. How to make tiny folded heart envelopes.  A simple paper craft for kids.  Valentines day activity with FREE PRINTABLE.

Enjoy your secret notes! Find all our printables here


To get this printable for free to download and print out add $0 and click on the 'I want this' box below.  It may take a moment for the page to load so please be patient. 

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This month Toddler Approved and Coffee Cups and Crayons are hosting their 100 acts of kindness challenge and what better way to join in than surprise someone with a tiny love note! Painting kindness rocks to hide in your local area in another fun way to spread a little love and kindness. 

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