Bird Feeders

Homemade bird feeders are so easy to make. These step by step instructions show you how to make a simple bird feeder using just 3 ingredients and a biscuit cutter. Hang the bird feeders up with some pretty ribbon and they and can double up as a DIY gift idea.  

How to make bird feeders using a biscuit cutter.  Easy activity for kids and gift idea.

We love making DIY gifts for family and friends.  These bird feeders are easy enough to make with the kids. 

To make bird feeders you will need: 

  • Bird seed mix
  • Gelatine (UK link / US link), 
  • Boiling water, 
  • Mixing bowl and spoon, 
  • Biscuits cutters,
  • Tray covered in foil,
  • Ribbon for hanging (UK link/ US link)

what you need to make bird feeders

How to make a simple biscuit cutter bird feeder:

Pour boiling water into a bowl. (We used 1 pint of water, but if you only want to make a few bird feeders use less water as we made a LOT !! You need roughly the same amount of water as bird seed. ) Pour 2 sachets of gelatine into the boiling water and stir until all the gelatine had dissolved.

step by step instructions to make biscuit cutter bird feeders for kids 

Slowly tip bird seed into the liquid (adding a little bit at a time) and give it a stir.  Make sure all the seeds are fully coated.

 simple kid made bird feeder gifts 

bird feeder activity for kids using biscuit cutter and gelatine

Put some biscuit cutters on top of a tray covered in foil and fill the biscuit cutters with the mixture.  Use the back of a spoon to make sure the mixture is packed into the biscuit cutter tightly.

How to make simple bird feeders

Push a cut up straw through the mixture to make a hole ready for hanging your bird feeder.  

Activities for kids: simple bird feeder suitable for preschoolers, early years, toddlers eyfs

Put the bird feeders in the fridge for a few hours and then leave them to dry overnight. REALLY carefully and slowly push the bird feeders out of the cutters.  

Harry (age 3) couldn't wait to hang a few of the bird feeders up in the garden for the birds. 

Simple step by step instructions for how to make a bird feeder using a biscuit cutter.  Simple kids activity suitable for preschoolers, early years, eyfs.

We used some as little gifts too.

Bird feeder kid made gift idea

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  1. I really love this activity! I am going out tomorrow to buy the bits we need to make these! They look great!

  2. They look beautiful and the birds will be so happy!

  3. Such a cool diy ! loved it !

  4. Lovely gift idea for grand parents. How long do they keep for and how do you store them?

    1. We kept them for about a month before giving them to people as gifts, I cant see why they wouldn't last longer though. They weren't kept anywhere special, just with the other gifts. I hope that helps.


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