Homemade Bath Paints

Homemade bath paints are easy to make using a simple 2 ingredient recipe. Painting in the bath is a great art activity as there are no expectations, it's just about having fun. Kids will love painting on the bath, the walls and on themselves!
simple homemade bath paint recipe using 2 ingredients.  A fun process art technique for kids.

Homemade Bath Paints

To make bath paints you will need: (affiliate links)

A muffin tray (or pots)
Shaving foam
Gel food colouring (UK linkUS link)
Paint brushes (I love these first paint brushes which are perfect for little hands: UK link / US link)

How to make and play with homemade bath paints

Harry REALLY enjoyed this painting activity, I just can't believe we haven't done it sooner! I mixed up some bath paints using 2 simple ingredients, shaving foam and food colouring.  I squirted shaving foam into a muffin tray and then mixed in a tiny bit of gel food colouring into each section.  I always love using our Wilton colour gel as the colours are so vibrant. 

How to make simple homemade bath paint using 2 ingredients.  A fun process art technique for kids.

I set the paints up in the bath along with a few brushes (rollers might be fun too!) and then invited Harry to get painting! The first thing he did was paint his toys and then his feet!

painting in the bath.  fun indoor activity ideas for kids.

He painted the bath, the tiles and himself using the brushes.......

washable bath paints for kids

How to make bath paints for kids.  A simple indoor play activity for toddlers and preschoolers, eyfs. .

..... and loved squelching and spreading the paint with his hands.

bath paint recipe

Older children might enjoy painting pictures, patterns or letters, but Harry didn't seem interested in doing this. 

playing with bath paints

He did think it was hilarious wiping my paintings away though!

Fun painting techniques for kids: Homemade bath paint recipe.

Harry had a great time mixing the paints together and getting nice and messy. 

Fun painting techniques for kids: Painting with homemade 2 ingredient bath paints

He loved mark making and drawing letters in the paint using his fingers.

mark making in paint

Another great thing about these bath paints is that they wash away really easily.  We just rinsed the bath down using the shower head and most of it was gone.  The only place were I had to scrub a little bit was in the grouting, so if you are worried about your bathroom tiles maybe stick to painting the bath. I have heard that adding a drop of washing up liquid can help prevent having to scrub the grouting but I haven't tried this, (let me know if it works for you!)

The bath did get slippery after a while so Harry had to sit down to do the rest of his painting. If your child has sensitive skin you also might want to think about covering their skin or using a sensitive shaving foam. 

Harry totally loved painting in the bath and can't wait to do it again, and like I said before I can't believe it has taken me until Harry is 3 to give it a go.  

Homemade bath paint recipe using 2 ingredients.  A fun painting technique for kids.  Great for toddlers, preschoolers, eyfs to mark make and explore colours.

If you are looking for painting ideas for a nursery, school or childcare setting why not use these paints on a table top or on large tiles instead. 

I hope you and your kids have lots of fun exploring this fun painting technique. This is only Day 1 of the Painting Challenge! Click on the image below to see what is going on for the next 34 days. 

painting challenge.  35 fun painting techniques for kids.

I would love you to join us on this challenge. Try out one, several or all of the painting techniques. Take a photo and share YOUR pictures or posts with us on facebook so we can all inspire each other.

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  1. Painting in the bath is great coz all the mess in contained and its easy to clean up after. the children can really go wild! :)

  2. pretty cool activity my kids love do these kind of work


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