Chick cake in a Jar

Have you ever tried baking a cake in a jar? It's such a fun way to bake! This would be a perfect Easter activity for kids! We made our chick cakes in the microwave which was fascinating to watch (and super fast!). If you have old baby food jars they are the perfect size for this activity. 

Cake in a jar.  This Easter Chick cake is really fun to make.  A perfect Easter food activit

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Chick cake in a Jar

To make your Easter chick cake you will need:

We have included affiliate links to the food coloring we used below

  • Cake mix (Buy a cake mix or follow your usual cake recipe)
  • Yellow food colouring (Wilton colour gel UK linkUS link) 
  • Jars (we used baby food jars and they were a perfect size)
  • Googly eyes, 
  • Feathers
  • Piece of orange paper for a beak

How to make Cake in a Jar Chicks

Ok we cheated a bit when it came to making the cake mix as we actually bought a pre made packet, but you can use any cake recipe.  

Once we had mixed all our ingredients together we added yellow food colouring to our cake mix and spooned the mixture into our jars.  Then we put our jars into the microwave one at a time for 30 seconds (timing will depend on the size of your jar).  

Alternatively you can bake them in the oven following the temperature and times stated on the recipe you are using (just keep an eye on them). 

Cake in a jar.
You really don't need much mixture in each jar.  As a guide I filled them half way and this was too much. The cake came pouring over the top of the jar which was a bit of a waste, but actually fascinating to watch. Harry loved watching the cake rise in the microwave almost as much as eating the cake. 

Once our cakes had cooled down (and I had chopped the extra cake off the top) we put the lids on the jars to keep the cake fresh. 

Easter chick cake in a jar

We turned them into chicks before eating them.  We folded a square of orange paper in half to make a beak and then we stuck it to the jar along with two google eyes and two feathers.

Harry loved his chick so much that he decided he needed feeding!

Easter chick activity for kids- cake in a jar

This was such an easy activity, but so much fun, and who doesn't love a craft they can eat! Why not get creative and see what other animals or characters you could make?

Here are a few more chick craft ideas.

Cake in a jar- A fun Easter Chick food and craft activity for kids.

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  1. Do you only add the yellow food coloring to the cake mix or do you add the eggs ect like the box of cake calls for?

    1. Use a packet or recipe and mix a cake mix together (so all ingredients) and then add the colouring. :-) I


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