Painting Challenge Supplies List

Here is a list of a few general items I would recommend for the painting challenge: (affiliate links)

(Scroll down for a day by day supplies list)


Day by day supplies list 

Painting techniqueSupplies needed
bath paintsgel food colour, shaving foam, muffin tray, paintbrushes
ice paintingice trays or other molds, craft sticks, paint, water, paper
painting using cling filmcling film/plastic wrap, card stock or paper, acrylic or washable paint
carwash Paintingold toy cars, foam paint rollers, car wash mitt/mitts (more texture the better!), card or paper
chalk paintschalk, Ziploc bags, water, paintbrush(es), hammer or mallet (optional)
remote control vehicle paintingremote control car, paper, paint
tape resistcanvas, paintbrushes, painter's tape, acrylic paint if possible, a pencil, slips of paper
marblinghair gel, gel food coloring, tooth picks, glitter, paper
spin artsalad spinner, uncoated paper plates or coffee filters, paint
bubble paintingbubble gun, bubble liquid, liquid water colour
snow paintingcoffee filters, washable markers, paintbrushes, snow
handprintspaper, paint
crayon resistcrayon, watercolors
monoprintingcookie sheet, washable paint, paper, brayer (or paint roller), q-tips, sticks
painting with bubble wrapbubble wrap, white paint, brown paper, black paper, bubble wrap or plastic bags for stuffing, string, scissors, stapler.
printing with toilet rollstoilet rolls, tempra paint, large sheets of paper, waterpaints
painting with toys paper, paint, dinosaurs
painting on fabricfabric, acrylic or fabric paint
printing with naturepaper, paint, found natural items (seed pods, leaves, sea sponges, feathers)
salt paintingsalt, chalk, stick glue, paper, contact paper
fingerpaintscornstarch, water, bowls, whisk, food coloring
painting on ice Frozen water, baking soda, Kool aid, droppers and paint brushes, food coloring, salt, tooth picks
blow paintingstraws, acryllic paint or tempra paint, long sheet of white paper; ie; roll of paper, cardboard, scissors, painters tape
painting on newspaperNewspaper, paint
balloon printingballoons, cardstock paper and paint
splat paintingWashing up Bristle Brush, paint, plastic knife, paper
painting on foilaluminium foil, paintbrush, paint
shaving foam paintingpaint, shaving foam, straws, paper,
painting in a freezer bagfreezer bags, washable tempera paint, marbles, paper
printing using foodpotatoes, paint, paper
painting with marblespaint, marbles
glue resist glue, watercolors/paint (watered down)
magnet paintingmagnet wand, metal items (e.g.ball bearings, springs & screws), plastic tray, paint
printing with biscuit cutters paint, biscuit cutters, paper
painting on cakesgel food colouring, premade fondant or ingredients to make your own fondant

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