Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Rainbow Painted Toast

We love painting bread and with spring around the corner (well hopefully not too far away) we thought we would brighten up our breakfast by mixing up some brightly coloured milk paint and painting a rainbow.  Our rainbow painted toast was yummy (so Harry said!) 

We made our edible paints by mixing milk with a tiny amount of gel food colouring. We love using wilton colour gel (UK linkUS link). These gels make lovely bright colours and you only need to use a tiny bit.  We also used these gels when making our heart painted toast

We got a few new paintbrushes out and we were ready to start painting our bread. 

I painted strips of colour to paint a rainbow.  Harry decided he wanted to have rainbow coloured blobs! 

When we had finished painting our rainbow designs we popped our toast in the toaster for a minute or two. 

Harry told me the rainbow tasted yummy! Its amazing how adding bit of colour can make bread suddenly seem exciting.

Harry: Age 3

What exciting rainbow designs will you come up with?

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1 comment:

  1. Oh my Sensory Seeker will just love this - another fantastic rainbow idea.