35 Painting Technique Ideas - Painting Challenge

Welcome to the Painting Challenge!  I have teamed up with some AMAZING bloggers from across the world to bring you 35 different painting techniques for kids. We will be focusing on the painting process rather than the outcome and hopefully there will be lots of opportunities for kids to get messy and express their creativity. This challenge is all about kids experimenting, making their own decisions and having fun with paint.  

For extra inspiration (if 35 ideas aren't enough) click here for our favourite art techniques or take a look at the links at the bottom of this page. 

Fun painting techniques for kids: 35 day painting challenge focusing on the art process

painting technique challenge for kids

Fun painting techniques for kids, it's all about the process

Click through on the links below to get some painting technique inspiration! 

Day 1: Bath Paints (by Messy Little Monster)

painting ideas for kids - diy bath paints paints

painting ideas for kids - tape resist canvas art

painting ideas for kids - colourful spin art

painting ideas for kids -bubble painting with bubble guns

snow painting art technique

handprint art for kids

simple monoprint painting for kids

bubble wrap sheep craft

printing with toilet rolls

painting with toy dinosaurs

painting on fabric for kids

printing with nature painting technique

finger paint recipe for kids

fun painting on ice technique for kids

fun art techniques blow painting

painting on newspaper handprint art

balloon painting chick craft

splat painting fun painting techniques

rainbow painting on foil

fun art process using shaving foam

marble painting for kids

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If thats not enough painting technique ideas for you scroll through all the ideas below. 


  1. What a LOVELY idea is this challenge!

    1. I hope you are having fun joining in :-) There are so many lovely ideas

  2. A fantastic, inspiring collection of art! Thank you for hosting such a great challenge!

  3. I love these ideas, I think they work perfectly well with young learners.

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