Milk Carton Bird House

Turn your garden into a bird's playground with this adorable Milk Carton Bird House

milk carton bird house

This is a year-round craft project where kids of all ages can enjoy the creative process of making a birdhouse craft from scratch using a milk carton.

Kids can have fun getting creative as they design their own birdhouses. They can add their designs using paint or markers or glue on extra items like moss or craft sticks. Making a milk carton bird house is a great way of recycling an item that would otherwise be thrown into the trash!

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milk carton bird house craft

Milk Carton Bird House

Milk Carton Bird House Craft  - Supplies:

  • Empty paper milk carton, any size, washed out and dry 
  • Craft knife or scissors 
  • Acrylic paint
  • Paintbrush
  • Paint pens or markers 
  • Natural elements such as moss, twigs, hay, dry leaves or grass, etc. 
  • Craft sticks 
  • Jute cord, yarn, ribbon, or string 
  • Hot Glue 

milk carton bird house supplies

How to Make a Bird House from a Milk Carton

STEP 1 - Cut out an opening on the milk carton

Make sure your milk carton is clean and dry before you begin, then use scissors or a craft knife to carefully cut an opening in the milk carton for the birds. 

Make it about 1/3 of the way up from the bottom. This open section can be of any shape you like. We went with a square-shaped opening.

Young children will need help with this step. 

how to make a milk carton bird house

STEP 2 - Paint the milk carton

Now it is time to paint your milk carton using acrylic paint. We chose to use a solid brown color, but you can paint your milk carton any way you choose.  You could paint your birdhouse in one solid color with a few accents for detail, go for a multi-colored look, or even paint a fun and easy pattern. The sky is the limit when it comes to creativity! 

Once you have finished painting leave the milk carton to dry. 

Painting a diy bird house

STEP 3 - Add the natural elements

Once the paint has dried add organic elements like leaves, grass, and sticks to your design using a glue gun. 

Glue the natural elements to the roof, inside the birdhouse, and around the opening. 

homemade bird house

diy bird house

STEP 4 - Add details to your birdhouse

Once you have glued on the natural elements to your bird house it is time to get creative and add a few more details. Using paint pens or markers draw windows, a door, some flowers, confetti-like shapes, or even add a fun quote.

bird house craft

STEP 5 - Use your craft sticks

To create the roof beams, signs, and fencing use craft sticks. Cut them if needed to adapt them to your design and then glue them in place using your glue gun.


bird house from milk carton

birdhouse from milk carton

STEP  6 - Add the cord

The final (and most important) detail is adding a piece of cord so you can hang this birdhouse outside. Cut a piece of cord around 12 inches long and glue it under the opening (as shown below).

hanging bird house

Now, it's time to let the birds find their new home!

Take the milk carton bird house outdoors and explore your surroundings to find the perfect spot to hang it. 

making bird houses

We hope you and your little ones have fun making this adorable milk carton bird house craft. Why not fill it with bird seed or have fun making some homemade bird feeders too! 

how to make a milk carton bird house craft for kids

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