DIY Milk Jug Bird Feeder

If you're looking for a fun diy bird feeder project, you're going to love this milk jug bird feeder idea! Kids of all ages will love helping you prepare this milk bottle bird feeder for its visitors! It's a great opportunity to get kids outside and learning all about different types of birds. Follow the step by step directions below to get started making your own diy milk jug bird feeder.

diy milk jug bird feeder

This milk carton bird house is cute too! 

milk jug bird feeder

A milk bottle bird feeder will be a great way for preschoolers and older kids to get involved in nature. They'll love learning and discovering all about birds as they watch them use the diy bird feeder right in their backyard! You can also extend this milk jug bird feeder activity in lots of fun ways such as counting or identifying birds. 

milk bottle bird feeder

If you live in an area with lots of birds visiting over the summer, I highly encourage you to give this diy milk bottle bird feeder a try! It's also a great way to recycle old milk jugs. You can even make multiple of them and see what different birds appear.

Scroll down for step by step directions on making your very own milk jug bird feeder!

diy bird feeder

Milk Jug Bird Feeder

DIY Bird Feeder Supplies:

  • empty milk jug
  • permanent markers
  • x-acto knife or scissors
  • sticks or twigs
  • bird seed
  • long string or twine

How to Make a Milk Bottle Bird Feeder

STEP ONE: Prepare your supplies

Before you start, you'll want to clean out the milk jug. To do so, fill it a quarter of the way full of water and squirt a small amount of dish soap inside. Close the jug, shake it well, and pour out the water. Add more water, shake, and repeat until fully rinsed. Set the jug on a dish towel upside down, propping it against the wall so air can get inside to dry. Allow it to fully dry before starting your craft.

Once the milk jug is fully cleaned, gather up the rest of your supplies before you begin making this fun diy milk jug bird feeder.

diy bird feeder supplies

STEP TWO: Cut the milk jug

Important safety note: it is highly recommended for adults to complete the cutting steps. It is not recommended letting small hands do this to avoid any major accidents!

To get started, use a permanent marker to draw a square onto the side of the milk jug 1-2" from the bottom. Repeat onto each side of the jug. This is where your visitors will enter to gather bird seed.

How to make a milk jug bird feeder

Next, use a knife or scissors to cut the squares out and discard the plastic.

Step by step to make a milk jug bird feeder

Cut a small hole below each of the openings you just created. It should be big enough to insert your sticks or twigs through. 

Cut a hole in bottle to make milk bottle bird feeder

Then, cut two small holes near the top spout of the milk jug on opposite sides. This is where you will insert the string for your diy bird feeder.

STEP THREE: Add string & sticks

Now that you're done cutting your milk bottle bird feeder, it's time to add the string & sticks to the jug! Insert your sticks through the bottom holes you cut, as shown below.

Add sticks to milk jug bird feeder

Then, insert the string or twine at the top of your jug. Bring them together and tie the string in a knot, ready to hang in a tree.

If desired, you can decorate your milk jug using permanent markers

Add string to milk jug bird feeder

STEP FOUR: Add bird seed & hang for visitors

Add your bird seed before hanging your milk jug bird feeder in a tree. Now watch to see what kind of birds appear! 

Add bird seed to milk jug bird feeder

Here are a few birdwatching activities you may also enjoy:
  • document the type of birds you see
  • look up cool facts about each bird
  • identify different bird sounds you hear
  • find an app to help identify types of birds you aren't familiar with
  • make multiple bird feeders and do a fun scavenger hunt for different birds
  • talk about the anatomy of birds as you spot them
  • read books about different kinds of birds you find

diy milk jug bird feeder

We hope you enjoy this fun diy bird feeder project. It's such an exciting way to get kids learning about birds and spending time outside! Making a milk jug bird feeder is perfect for kids who love birds and nature. There are so many fun ways to expand this project, I know you'll have lots of fun seeing what kinds of birds visit your milk bottle bird feeder!

Milk jug bird feeder. Easy diy bird feeder for kids to make.

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