How to dye pumpkin seeds (+ fun dyed pumpkin seed activity ideas)

Pumpkins are not Halloween-exclusive! Learn How to Dye Pumpkin Seeds with a few simple tips and check out all the fun pumpkin seed activities you can use them for. Kids will be over the moon! Just scroll on down to have fun making dyed pumpkin seeds and to see our list of pumpkin seed activity ideas. 

How to dye pumpkin seeds

If you've ever wondered how to dye pumpkin seeds after looking at adorable pumpkin seed activities on your Pinterest feed, this easy step by step is what you need!

Although pumpkins are the ultimate favourite each fall, pumpkin seeds are just as fun, especially for kids' activities and crafts! We've come up with this excellent tutorial on dyeing pumpkin seeds without making a mess all over the place (or without breaking the bank!)

Using coloured pumpkin seeds in sensory activities is a fantastic way to build fine motor skills in little ones, and that's why we've listed some fantastic fun activities using dyed pumpkin seeds that you can do with your kids!

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dyed pumpkin seeds

Scroll down to check out all the cool and fun activities for kids using dyed pumpkin seeds!

How to Dye Pumpkin Seeds.

Dyed Pumpkin Seeds Supplies:

  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Plastic baggies
  • Food coloring (we used fall colors)
  • Vinegar 
  • Tray lined with paper towel

STEP 1: Gather your materials.

Start by preparing all the things you'll need for this easy DIY. 

Start by taking all the pumpkin seeds you want to use and divide them into groups.  For example, we decided to dye our seeds in three different colours, so we split the seeds into three amounts.

Then, place the pumpkin seeds into each bag.

How do you dye pumpkin seeds

STEP 2: Add the *key* ingredient.

Add 5 drops of food colouring dye in each bag. Then, pour one tbsp of vinegar into each bag. 

dyed pumpkin seed tutorial

STEP 3: Blend & blend!

It's time to mix! Close each bag well and mix the seeds inside until the seeds are coloured by kneading the bags. If the pumpkin seeds look too pale, add more food colouring drops to get a more vibrant colour.

Easy how to dye pumpkin seeds recipe

How to dye pumpkin seeds tutorial

STEP 4: Let the pumpkin seeds dry before using.

Open the bags and spread the seeds onto a lined tray. Let them dry and turn the seeds over a couple of times until they're completely dry. Once you're sure they are dry, it's time to use them!

How to dye pumpkin seeds for sensory play

Dyed pumpkin seeds activities

Your dyed pumpkin seeds are ready to be used. There are so many fun pumpkin seed activities to try. We have listed a few fun suggestions below. 

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What can I do with dyed pumpkin seeds?

Pumpkin Seed Colour Sorting:

Sort the seeds by colour. Add all the green seeds to a green bowl, all the yellow seeds to a yellow bowl, orange seeds to an orange bowl, and so on.

Pumpkin Seed Counting Practice:

Write numbers in cupcake liners and count the correct number of pumpkin seeds into each cupcake liner.

Pumpkin Seed Sensory Bin:

Use them as a base for an autumn-themed sensory bin! Just like we did for our Rainbow Rice Sensory Bin.

Pumpkin Seed Autumn Tree Craft:

Use coloured pumpkin seeds to make an autumn tree craft by glueing them to our Printable Tree Templates.

Pumpkin Seed Patterns:

Draw patterns on paper with glue and stick the coloured pumpkin seeds on top. You could even write a word or your name in glue to add the dyed pumpkin seeds to. 

Pumpkin Seed Mosaics:

Grab a piece of playdough or clay and push the pumpkin seeds into it to create a colourful mosaic. Make patterns or simple pictures like hearts or flowers.

Pumpkin Seed Craft:

Draw a pumpkin or print out our pumpkin templates, add glue, and then stick on the pumpkin seeds. (Grab the pumpkin templates at the end of this post!)

Dyed pumpkin seed activities for kids

Have fun following our, 'How to dye pumpkin seeds', tutorial and trying a few of the dyed pumpkin seed activities above. They make such fun Autumn activities for kids!

How to dye pumpkin seeds. Dyed pumpkin seed activities for kids.

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