The BEST Spider Crafts for Preschoolers (& toddlers and big kids too!)

Halloween will be here in no time, and we've got a serious case of the creepy-crawlies! But hold the screams because we're talking about spider crafts, not actual spiders. (Thank goodness, right?)

Easy spider crafts for kids

Put on your favorite Halloween tunes, grab the scissors, glue, and paint and get to work on making an amazing arachnid. Getting creative and developing fine motor skills at the same time — what's not to love? 

You've probably got most of what you need to make these spider crafts already lying around the house, like paper plates, egg cartons, and styrofoam cups. And for the nature-lovers, we've found some crafts that use beautiful bits from the great outdoors, like horse chestnuts and pine cones. 

So rain or shine, indoors or out, we've got a spider craft that you can put your own spin on. Jump right in, pick a project, and have a blast creating some cute spiders. 

This collection of spider crafts for kids is great for all ages, we have spider crafts for toddlers, spider crafts for preschoolers as well as some spider crafts for older kids to enjoy! 

Easy Spider Crafts for Kids

We have a few fun spider crafts that are fun for Halloween but can be made year-round if your child is learning popular nursery rhymes or studying spiders to learn more about these fascinating creatures. Make the kids some spider sandwiches to snack on while they make their crafts!

Spider crafts for kids


Conker Spider Craft

Made with horse chestnuts, pipe cleaners, and googly eyes, these simple conker spiders are a creative way to bring nature into your art projects. Add your spiders to the tops of pumpkins or to your table for a whimsical Halloween decoration this fall.

Conker spider craft for kids


Itsy Bitsy Spider Craft

Bring the beloved nursery rhyme to life with this interactive Itsy Bitsy Spider craft. Create a cute egg carton spider, a glistening blue tinsel "rain," a cheery yellow cardboard sun, and a "water spout" made from cardboard wrapped in foil. Once all the pieces are ready, kids will have a blast acting out the rhyme, making this an excellent activity for combining art, play, and storytelling.

Itsy Bitsy Spider Craft

Handprint Spider Craft

This handprint spider is a cute way to create some fun memories while crafting. Paint your child's hands black (just the palms and fingers but not the thumbs) to form the spider's body and legs. Paint on a friendly face or stick on some googly eyes to complete it. While this can be a general spider craft, it can also be made to go along with the Little Miss Muffet nursery rhyme. It's an endearing, personalized craft that parents will enjoy looking back on in years to come.

Handprint spider craft for toddlers and preschoolers

Pipe Cleaner Spider Craft

How cute is this pipe cleaner spider craft! Using orange pipe cleaners for the spider legs and purple and black pom poms for the spider body makes this the perfect spider craft for Halloween.

pipe cleaner spider craft

Black Widow Spider Coloring Page

Featuring a geometric background, this black widow spider coloring page provides a unique way for kids to practice line drawing within the shapes, creating a visually interesting piece of art. It's part of an entire set of Halloween line coloring pages that are fun for kids of all ages. 

Spider coloring page

Paper Plate Spider Web Craft

Have fun making your own paper plate spider web craft. Use just a paper plate and wool to create a colourful spider web. This spider web craft is great for working on children's fine motor skills. 

paper plate spider web and spider craft for preschoolers


Printable Spider Craft

Use our spider coloring sheet to make a colorful paper spider craft. This colorful spider web with a 3D spider makes the perfect Halloween spider craft for kids. The best bit is you don't need many supplies to make it!

Printable spider craft for Halloween


Spider Crafts for Halloween

Halloween wouldn't be as spooky without some spider crafts and decorations, but these arachnids are more adorable than terrifying. You'll find all kinds of nifty ways to create some eight-legged masterpieces.

Spider crafts for Halloween


Pom Pom Spider Craft

To make this pom pom spider from The Best Ideas for Kids, start with a big black pom pom for the body, attach googly eyes, and then glue on pipe cleaner legs. Thread a few beads onto each leg to make your spider more colorful and unique. This craft provides a wonderful opportunity for kids to practice their fine motor skills while threading beads onto the pipe cleaners.

pom pom spider craft for kids


Paint Splat Spider Craft

Try splat painting with this super easy paint splat spider by Crafts on Sea. Start by placing a blob of black paint between folded halves of a paper. Smush it together, unfold, and voila, you've got the spider's body! Add legs made of paper strips and paint on eyes and mouth, or stick on some googly eyes. Quick, easy, and adorable.

Paint splat spider craft for preschoolers


Pine Cone Spider craft

Nature meets art in this creative pine cone spider from Fireflies and Mud Pies. This is another fun way to incorporate nature into art, and you can even spend some quality time together outdoors gathering pinecones. To make the spider, grab a big pine cone, add lots of googly eyes, and attach pipe cleaner legs. Place it in a big pile of colorful leaves for a cute fall decoration.

Pine cone spider craft for kids


Watercolor Spider Web

Bring Halloween vibes into your art with this beautiful watercolor spider web painting activity from Our Kid Things. Draw a spider web with a white crayon, and paint over it with gorgeous watercolors. Once dry, clip some paper spiders onto the web to complete the picture. 

Watercolor spider web craft for kids


Paper Plate Spider Craft

Turn an ordinary paper plate into a creepy (or cute) spider with this easy paper plate spider craft from Glue Sticks & Gumdrops. Paint a paper plate black, attach black pipe cleaner legs, and glue a big pair of googly eyes. It's an accessible craft project that kids of all ages can enjoy, plus it's a great way to use up leftover party supplies. If you start with a black paint, you can eliminate the paint (and the mess) for an even easier craft project.

paper plate spider craft for preschoolers


Scrunched Paper Spider Craft

Exercise those fine motor skills with this scrunched paper spider from Crafts on Sea. Draw a spider web on colorful cardstock, and create the spider using scrunched-up black tissue paper for the body and paper strips for the legs. This provides a fun tactile experience for kids while adding an interesting texture to their craft.

Scrunched paper spider craft for preschoolers


Rock Spider Craft

Add a fun twist to the usual pet rock with these wild and wacky rock spiders from Kids' Craft Room. Painted in bright and silly colors and patterns, these spiders are anything but scary. Finish your arachnid art with colorful pipe cleaner legs. This project is a great way to encourage kids' creativity and introduce them to the fun of rock painting.

Rock spider craft for kids


Paper Spider Hand Puppet

Bring storytime to life or put on a show with this fun paper spider hand puppet by Easy Peasy and Fun. The large paper spider with a handle can slide over your child's hand, transforming it into a playful puppet. It's an exciting craft that lends itself to hours of imaginative play once it's completed.

hand puppet spider craft for kids


Hairy Spider Craft

Make a fuzzy friend with this hairy spider craft by Kids' Craft Room. Start with paper bowls painted black, add a splash of color with faux fur on top for the body, and complete it with fuzzy pipe cleaner legs. This sensory-rich craft is as much fun to touch as it is to make, and it's sure to bring smiles all around.

Hairy spider craft for halloween

Spider Crafts for Preschoolers

Whilst these spider crafts are great for all ages from toddlers, through to preschoolers, through to older kids, I think they are especially well suited for preschoolers. The spider crafts are easy enough for preschoolers to be able to make and lots of the spider crafts are fun to interact with too. 


Spider Ring

Bring some bling into craft time with this spider ring from Fantastic Fun and Learning. This ring is crafted from pipe cleaners, with pom poms glued to the top to form the spider's body. It's a quick and easy craft that kids can wear proudly this Halloween. And you don't have to stick to basic black — your spider ring can be whatever color you'd like!

Ring spider craft for preschoolers


Rocking Paper Plate Spider Craft

Make an interactive arachnid with this rocking paper plate spider by Hunny I'm Home. Paint a paper plate black and fold it in half to form the body. Attach red googly eyes and pipe cleaner legs to finish it off. What makes this craft extra fun is that it rocks back and forth, adding a kinetic element that's as fun to play with as it is to make. 

Rocking paper plate spider craft for toddlers and preschoolers


Bottle Cap Spider Craft

Turn everyday objects into something fun and creative. This bottle cap spider craft from Made With Happy is a good example. Just glue a black bottle cap onto colorful construction paper, draw on some legs, and add eyes. Don't forget to make a web for your eight-legged friend. 

Bottle cap spider craft for kids


Styrofoam Cup Spider Craft

Totally adorable and not spooky at all, kids will love making these styrofoam cup spiders from One Little Project. Painted in any color you'd like, these spiders come alive with googly eyes, a smiley pipe cleaner mouth, and colorful pipe cleaner legs. Won't they look cute with your other Halloween decorations?

Styrofoam cup spider craft for Halloween


Movable Paper Plate Spider Craft

This movable paper plate spider craft from Mommy Made That is double the fun because kids can create something artsy and then play with it, too. Design a paper plate to look like a spider web with a slit in the middle. The spider, made with a popsicle stick, a pom pom, googly eyes, and pipe cleaners, can be inserted and moved around the web. 

movable paper plate spider craft for preschoolers and toddlers

Bouncing Spider Craft

What could be more fun than a bouncing spider? An egg carton spider is attached to a stick with a rubber band, creating a bouncy toy when the stick is moved. This craft from Kids Activities Blog combines creativity with a bit of physics, giving kids a craft that's both educational and entertaining.

Bouncing spider craft for kids


Printable Spider Craft

Busy day? No problem! With this printable spider craft from Simple Mom Project, everything you need is in the template, from the body to the legs to the eyes. All you need to prep this craft is the printable, scissors, and glue. It's a convenient and stress-free project for teachers and parents.

printable spider craft for kids


Potato Masher Spider Craft

Get silly and crafty with these potato masher spiders from Fantastic Fun and Learning. Dip a potato masher in paint and stamp it on paper to make the spiders. Finish up by painting on some legs and silly faces. Cute! That rounds out our list of spider crafts. Pin it to come back to in October!

Potato masher spider craft for preschoolers


More Spider Activities for Kids

And if that isn't enough spider craft ideas for you check out these spider activities for kids too!

Spider crafts for toddlers and preschoolers. Easy spider crafts for kids.

We hope that you love all these spider crafts (and spider activities) as much as we do. Whether you are looking for spider crafts for toddlers, spider crafts for preschoolers or spider crafts for Halloween, you are sure to find something you will love in this list of easy spider crafts for kids. 

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