Spider Sandwich - a fun snack idea for kids!

Whether you are looking for a tasty autumn snack for the kids or you are thinking ahead to halloween treats, a spider sandwich or two is sure to go down well! These spider sandwiches are easy to make, so easy that kids can make them themselves. Add your favourite fillings and enjoy!

spider sandwich

These spider sandwiches would be fun to make for Halloween, as part of a spider themed activity or just to make your kids smile this Autumn or Winter. You might also like to check out these easy halloween treats for kids.

Kids love fun food! Having a sandwich made into a fun shape somehow makes it taste so much better! If you have a fussy eater then making spider sandwiches is a great way of getting kids to want to eat.

Did you know there is actually a kids book called spider sandwich! How fun would it be to read the book and make some spider sandwiches.

Why not have fun making some spider crafts too!  It would be fun to make our 3D spider craft using our spider coloring sheet to go alongside your spider sandwiches! 

Spider Sandwich

spider sandwiches

Spider sandwich ingredients

  • Bread
  • Chocolate Chips
  • Pretzel Sticks
  • Round Cup or Cookie Cutter
  • Sandwich filling - peanut butter & Jelly (or an alternative filling of your choice)

halloween snacks for kids

Spider sandwich directions

STEP 1: Spread filling onto bread

Spread the peanut butter and jelly (or an alternative filling of your choice) onto a slice of bread. Add a second piece of bread on top to make a sandwich. 

easy halloween snack ideas

STEP 2: Make circle sandwiches

Use a cup or a cookie cutter to cut a circle out of your sandwich. 

spider activities for kids

STEP 3: Add spider eyes and legs

Stick two chocolate chips on top of the sandwich using peanut butter as “glue”. This will make the spiders eyes. Then stick 4 pretzel sticks into the sandwich on each side to make spider legs.

spider sandwich - easy halloween snack idea

Serve and enjoy!

spider sandwiches. fun snack ideas for kids

We hope that you have fun making and eating these spider sandwiches! Spider sandwiches make great Halloween snacks. Alternatively how much fun would it be to have to have a spider sandwich at an Autumn or winter picnic!

Spider sandwiches. Easy halloween snack idea for kids. Spider activity for preschoolers.

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