Spooky Spider Halloween Sensory Bottles

Keep babies and toddlers busy this Halloween with these brilliantly creepy Halloween sensory bottles. You can make these easy sensory bottles in no time at all and they are a fun way of including little ones in Halloween celebrations. Just follow our step by step directions to make your own spooky spider sensory bottle.

spider halloween sensory bottle

We love making sensory bottles for different seasons and occasions. They are lots of fun to make and they provide a safe, mess free opportunity for babies and toddlers to explore items that may otherwise be too small or dangerous.

I love the combination of water beads and spiders in these Halloween sensory bottles. The black and white water beads almost look like spiders eggs floating around.

Oliver (aged 9 months) was fascinated with the plastic spiders in his spooky spider sensory bottle, he kept going back to it to investigate.  If however  your baby or toddler isn't a fan of spiders switch out the plastic spiders for something else creepy like plastic centipedes or big googly eyes. These spider sensory bags are fun too!

If you have older kids check out these spider crafts for toddlers and preschoolers.

Halloween Sensory Bottles

Halloween sensory bottle

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Halloween sensory bottles supplies

How to make Halloween Sensory Bottles

STEP 1: Prepare your supplies

You will need a plastic bottle for each sensory bottle you plan on making. We love the shape and look of the voss water bottles, but any plastic bottle would work.

Before beginning to make your Halloween sensory bottles you will need to prepare the water beads. Water beads grow slowly over several hours so you will need to add your water beads to a bowl of water a few hours before you plan to make your sensory bottles.

STEP 2: Add water beads

Once your water beads have grown to a good size add a mixture of white, black and clear water beads to your sensory bottle.

spider sensory bottles

STEP 3: Add plastic spiders

Make your Halloween sensory bottle look creepy by adding some plastic spiders or other creepy items like googly eyes or mini plastic skulls.

halloween sensory bottle

STEP 4: Add water

Fill the sensory bottle with water and screw on the lid. As you add water you will notice that the water beads and spiders will start floating around the sensory bottle.

You may want to secure the lid with glue or tape if your baby or toddler is at a stage where they might attempt to take the lid off.

how to make sensory bottles

sensory bottles for babies

STEP 5: Play and enjoy

Your Halloween sensory bottles are now complete. Make one or a whole set!

Halloween sensory bottles for babies and toddlers

Hand the Halloween sensory bottles to your baby or toddler or leave them lying around for them to discover independently. Try holding the sensory bottles up to the light, tip them upside down slowly or roll them around on the floor.

sensory bottles

Oliver (aged 9 months) loves his spooky spider sensory bottle. 

sensory bottles

Have fun making these spooky spider sensory bottles. Babies and toddlers are sure to love exploring their own Halloween sensory bottle!

Halloween sensory bottle. Spider sensory bottles for babies and toddlers.

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