Printable Rainbow Template - Texture Crayon Rubbing Art

Use our Free Printable Rainbow Template to go on a fun texture hunt... rainbow-themed! This Texture Crayon Rubbing Art is a hands-on art activity for kids to explore both colour and texture in art while having tons of fun. So go and grab your rainbow printable and let's get started! 

Printable rainbow template - texture crayon rubbing art

This super fun crayon rubbing art allows kids to have fun exploring colour and texture, all while creating a colourful piece of rainbow art.

In this hands-on art activity, children go on a texture hunt and then transfer the textures that they find onto the rainbow template using a crayon rubbing technique. Kids will love exploring their surroundings as they hunt for different textures and I'm sure they will find texture on surfaces that adults had not even thought of! 

Texture rubbing can be done indoors or outdoors, or maybe even both!

Scroll down to get your printable rainbow template

printable rainbow template for rainbow art project for kids

Before we start our texture rainbow art project let's just think for a moment about what texture actually is!

What is texture in art?

Texture surrounds us everywhere, but it's also one of the key elements of art. It means something quite simple: how something feels when you touch it. 

But here comes the interesting part! In the visual arts, there are two types of textures. There is actual texture and implied (or visual) texture.

As you go on your texture hunt you will be hunting for an actual texture that you can feel and then rub over with your crayon. 

Sometimes in art, we add real texture using various materials, other times we create the illusion of texture using different techniques like lines, angles and shading.

Texture in art

texture rubbing

Crayon Rubbing Art with Printable Rainbow Template 

texture in art - crayon rubbing

Rainbow Crayon Rubbing Art – Supplies:

  • Printable Rainbow Template (grab it down below!)
  • Crayons (rainbow colours)
  • Watercolour Paints
  • Paintbrush 


Printable Rainbow Template

Before starting this texture hunt you will need to get a copy of our free printable rainbow template. To get the free rainbow pdf scroll to the end of the directions.

printable rainbow template

Texture Rubbing Rainbow Art – Directions:

STEP 1: Go on a texture hunt!

Now you have your printable rainbow template it’s time to look for some textured surfaces! This can be done indoors or outdoors depending on the weather and your preference. 

You can turn this step into an interactive game! Guide the kids through the rooms of your home, the backyard or sidewalks “hunting” for different textured surfaces.

Alternatively, you can have a selection of prepared textures to explore, for example, foil, fabric, leaves, lace, wood, sandpaper etc.

crayon rubbing

STEP 2: Create your crayon rubbing art

As children find various textures show them how to lay the rainbow template on top of the textured surface, hold it still and rub over a section of the rainbow with a crayon. 

Repeat this process for each section of the rainbow, using a different rainbow colour and different surface each time.

texture hunt for texture rubbing

crayon rubbing art

texture hunt for rainbow art project

Look at all those textures!

texture in art - crayon rubbing

How fabulous does this texture rubbing look! You can end this crayon rubbing activity here, or move on to step three to add a little extra colour and make your rainbow art really pop! 

crayon rubbing art with free printable rainbow template

STEP 3: Paint over your texture rubbing

Take this rainbow art to a new level and make it pop with a bright and contrasting background! This will really make the textures stand out.

rainbow art project with printable rainbow template

For each section of the rainbow find a paint colour that is similar to the crayon that you used for the rubbing. Then simply paint over the crayon, as you do this the wax in the crayon will resist the water in the watercolour paint making the crayon rubbing stand out against the watercolour paint. 

texture rubbing and watercolor art project for kids

Thats it! How cool does this texture rainbow look!

Are you ready to go on a texture hunt to create your own rainbow art? Grab the printable rainbow template below.

You can either click on the pink button below to get the rainbow template for free or get the full elements of art printable pack full of lots of art projects and printables focused on the elements of art.
Elements of art for kids


To get this printable rainbow template for free click on the link to be taken to the Messy Little Monster Shop. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

printable rainbow template

We hope that you have fun using the free printable rainbow template to create your own crayon rubbing rainbow art! Have fun!

Printable rainbow template for texture hunt and crayon rubbing art. Rainbow art project for kids.

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