The CUTEST Cardboard Box Crafts for Kids

Remember those Christmases and birthdays when your baby or toddler seemed far more interested in the box that a gift came in rather than the gift itself? That's because a box can become anything with a little imagination and creativity. Help your kids get back to creative play with these fun cardboard box crafts.

cardboard box crafts

Parents, you're going to love them because they're super budget-friendly. With a simple recycled box and a few other materials, you can make toy car garages, cameras, elevators, barns, airplanes, and more. How cool is that?

cardboard box craft ideas

Fun Cardboard Box Crafts for Kids

Toy Car Parking Garage

If you have little ones who are obsessed with toy cars, you need this DIY Toy Car Storage in your life. It's a super affordable alternative to the toy car garages in the shops, and you probably have everything you need to make it right now! All you need is a cardboard box and lots of toilet paper rolls. That's it!

toy car parking garage cardboard box craft

Tugging Box

Our Tugging Box provides babies and toddlers with ample opportunity to work on fine motor skills playfully. It's cheap and easy to make, and when it gets worn out, you can simply transfer the ribbon to another box.

tugging box cardboard box craft

Diorama Box Craft

Use a postal box to make your own diorama box. Children of all ages will enjoy making their own mini world and you can create them around any theme. 

Diorama box craft for kids

Cardboard Box Cash Register

Pretend play just got a lot more fun! Help kids set up a play fruit stand or grocery store with a cute Cardboard Cash Register complete with pressable buttons and a sliding cash drawer. This craft from Handmade Charlotte is a great way to help kids practice counting money.

cash register cardboard box craft

Play Pet Tank

This Play Pet Tank from Barley and Birch looks so realistic. It's the perfect blend of paper crafts and items from nature, such as rocks, sticks, and bark. It would make such a cute decoration for your child's room, and you can change out the animals for different ones whenever you'd like. You could even add toy animals to the box.

play pet tank cardboard box craft

Cardboard Box Airplane

Doesn't this Cardboard Box Airplane by Repeat Crafter Me take you back to your own childhood? A cardboard box can become anything with a little creativity and imagination! You can put one together in less than 30 minutes, but the kids will enjoy it for hours. Totally worth it!

cardboard box aeroplane craft

Cereal Box Aquarium Cardboard Box Craft

Make this Cereal Box Aquarium by The Best Ideas for Kids as a decoration or as a fun under-the-sea craft as part of an ocean unit study. Kids can decide how to decorate the aquarium, the colour and number of their fish, and even which of their favourite beach treasures to include in the scene.

cereal box aquarium craft

Cardboard Box Princess Carriage

This Cardboard Princess Carriage by Red Ted Art can either be used for decoration, play, or both. Arranging it around a table and chair makes it easy to keep it intact during play, whereas it may get a little too bent out of shape without it.

princess carriage cardboard box craft

Cardboard Pirate Ship

In just under an hour, you can create a super cool Cardboard Pirate Ship, like this one from Molly Moo. Add in your child's dolls or action figures, and you're all set for a few hours of play. The black felt square is a nice touch, but if you don't have felt and burlap on hand, paper or scrap cloth will work just fine, too.

pirate ship cardboard box craft

Pizza Box Car Garage

Here's another fun idea for the kids' toy cars! Recycle a pizza box to make this Pizza Box Car Garage by Handmade Charlotte with two levels to store up to 18 or more toy cars. It even has a ramp to drive vehicles up to the second level.

pizza box car garage craft

Cardboard Box Barn

Your little farmhand will have a blast pretending to be a farmer with this Cardboard Box Barn by See Vanessa Craft. Not only will it make an excellent toy for the kids, but it will be a super cute photo prop if you have some overalls and plaid shirts to put the kids in!

barn cardboard box craft

Cardboard Guitar Craft

While perfect for Cinco de Mayo, this Cardboard Guitar Craft from Our Kid Things is a fun project for any time during the year. It's great for practicing the names of simple shapes, too, since the guitars are made of squares, rectangles, and circles.

guitar cardboard box craft

Cardboard Box Elevator

What is it about kids and elevator buttons? They just love pushing them, and now they can push them to their hearts' content with this Cardboard Box Elevator with Push Buttons from Repeat Crafter Me. The buttons are actually googly eyes covered with numbers. How clever is that?

elevator cardboard box craft

Macaroni Box Cameras

Do you have a future photographer on your hands? These Macaroni Box Cameras from Handmade Charlotte are excellent toys for photographers in the making, without them reaching for your expensive phone or camera whenever they want to pretend to snap pics.

Cardboard Box Food Truck

Some of the most fantastic food can be found in food trucks. If your kiddo dreams of owning his or her own food truck someday, make Cardboard Food Truck by Barley and Birch. It'll be so much fun to design, build, and play with.

food truck cardboard box craft

Skee Ball Game

Get the kids moving, even indoors, with this fun game! The Skee Ball Game by Mombrite uses a cardboard box and paper cups to create a fun game for the kids. Roll the ball up the ramp, and try to get it on one of the cups. The higher the cup, the more points its worth!

skee ball game cardboard box craft

Cardboard Box Boat

Sail away in a box boat! This cute and easy Cardboard Box Boat by Nurture Store is a classic for kids. It's especially fun after a day spent reading about famous navigators and explorers or even pirates!

boat cardboard box craft

Cardboard Knights Shield

Kids will get loads of pretend playtime out of this Knights Shield by Red Ted Art. The shield, along with the cardboard sword, is not only fun to play with, but it would make a great addition to a DIY knight's costume as well.

knights shield cardboard box craft

Toddler Shapes

Make a variety of shapes for your toddler to play with! Kids can use these Cardboard Shapes for Toddlers by My Bored Toddler to make houses, trains, boats, etc. Arrange them in all sorts of patterns to encourage creative thought.

toddler shapes cardboard box craft

Pin this list of cardboard box crafts, so you'll have plenty of projects ready the next time you get a package through the mail!

Cardboard box crafts for kids
fun cardboard box craft ideas for kids

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