Adorable Penguin Crafts for Kids

Penguins are the cutest cold-weather animals, so it's no wonder they're the inspiration for so many arts and crafts! You'll love the 23+ penguin crafts we've rounded up for you. They're perfect for toddlers, preschoolers, and older kids, too. 

Penguin crafts

With plenty of ideas like paper plate penguins, penguin bookmarks, penguin keepsakes, and lots more, you'll have enough penguin projects to keep you busy for weeks. With the wide variety of crafts using everything from potatoes and paint to easy-to-make paper templates, you're sure to find a project to make without spending any time running out to the craft store.

Penguin crafts for kids


Cute Penguin Crafts from Messy Little Monster

We have several easy penguin crafts that kids will love. You'll find ornaments and keepsakes that are perfect for Christmas, a cardboard tube penguin that makes a great Valentine's Day craft, and a few others that are perfect for any time during the winter.


Cardboard Tube Penguin

Spread a little love this Valentine's Day or any day with our cute Toilet Roll Penguin Craft. He's holding a little heart to show how much you care! This craft is great for kids of all ages and is easy to complete using our printable template.

toilet paper roll penguin craft


Penguin Bookmark

Save your spot in your favourite winter reads with this Penguin Bookmark Craft. You can switch the hat's colour from red to something else or have no hat at all on your penguin. Won't it look adorable peeping over your pages?

bookmark penguin craft


Penguin Salt Dough Handprint Ornament

You know how much we love making keepsakes that you'll enjoy in the years to come. Our Handprint Penguin Craft made from salt dough is one such craft that'll give you a sweet reminder of your child's tiny handprints each year when you hang the ornament on the tree.

salt dough handprint penguin craft


Potato Print Penguin

This Potato Print Penguin Craft is a great winter craft or a fun activity to add to a study on the animals of Antarctica. It's so easy to make cute round penguins by using a potato stamp and a little creativity.

potato print penguin craft


Popsicle Stick Penguin

You don't want to miss the Popsicle Stick Penguin Craft in our post on Arctic Animals. It's simple and easy to put together, and you'll love the other animals as well, including a moose, polar bear, and walrus.

popsicle stick penguin craft


Fingerprint Penguin Ornament

Turn your child's fingerprint into a rustic ornament for the tree. This Fingerprint Penguin Craft is gorgeous with a snowy blue background and a cute round penguin to adorn it. These are easy enough to make that you should make extras to give to grandparents and extended family!

fingerprint penguin craft


Penguin Salt Dough Footprint Keepsake

You won't find a cuter keepsake than this fun Penguin Footprint. Adding the felt scarf and hat really increases the adorable factor! Turn them into ornaments or glue them into a box frame to display in your home.

footprint penguin craft

Edible Penguin Craft

After making all these cute penguin crafts with the kids I'm sure they will have worked up an appetite, so how about making a cute edible penguin craft. These penguin snacks are fun to make and eat! 

Edible penguin craft for kids


Easy Penguin Crafts for Kids

Love penguins so much that you want to make even more of them? Check out the penguin-themed projects below with origami, paper plate crafts, painted rocks, and more!

Penguin crafts for preschool


Paper Plate Penguin

Gather some black paint, a paper plate, and the printable template to get to work on this easy and cute Paper Plate Penguin by Simple Everday Mom. It's so simple to put together and would make a wonderful craft for the classroom, too. You can even eliminate the painting step by starting with a black plate.

paper plate penguin craft


Penguin Mitten

This Penguin Mitten Craft by Books and Giggles is two crafts in one! Kids will love the fork painting process art technique in decorating the mitten. Add a belly, eyes, and a beak to turn the mitten into a sweet penguin.

penguin mitten craft


Origami Penguin

Origami is such a great art form for kids to learn, and this Easy Origami Penguin from Artsy Craftsy Mom is perfect for beginners. The step-by-step instructions make it easy to turn paper into a penguin using a few simple folds.

origami penguin craft


Penguin Finger Puppets

These Penguin Finger Puppets from In the Playroom are the perfect craft to make for your kids, though older kids interested in sewing will enjoy putting them together for themselves or their younger siblings. Your kids will get hours of play out of this adorable penguin finger puppet.

finger puppet penguin craft


Penguin Headband

Kids will get such a kick out of making and wearing this Penguin Headband by Simple Everyday Mom. There's a colorable version for kids who enjoy coloring, or you can cut out colored paper according to the template pieces if you prefer to do it that way.

penguin headband craft


Cupcake Liner Penguins

Cupcake liners make crafting with little ones so easy. You can turn those little round cupcake liners into almost anything, like this charming Cupcake Liner Penguin Craft by I Heart Crafty Things, by adding eyes, an orange beak, heart-shaped feet, and a snowy background.

cupcake liner penguin craft


Handprint Penguins

Turn your child's handprints into a wonderful winter keepsake. This Handprint Penguin Art by The Best Ideas for Kids is super simple, and you can use whatever materials you have on hand. They can be done entirely in felt, entirely in paper, or in a mix, as you see here for visual and textural interest.

Handprint penguin craft


Penguin Painted Rocks

If you're looking for a fun indoor winter activity the whole family will enjoy, make these Penguin Painted Rocks by The Soccer Mom Blog. Rock painting is a fun craft for all ages! Set them up in your holiday display, play with them as pet rocks, or hide them around the community for someone to find as a surprise. 

painted rocks penguin craft

Penguin Newspaper Craft

Newspaper is great for more than just putting underneath your crafts as you paint. Newspaper print adds a lot of visual interest to white space, like the penguin's belly on this Penguin Newspaper Craft by I Heart Crafty Things.

newspaper penguin craft


Cotton Ball Penguin Craft

Preschoolers and kindergarteners will love making this Cotton Ball Penguin Craft by Mombrite. Once the template is assembled, add lots of soft, fluffy cotton balls to the face and belly to fill in the penguin.

cotton ball penguin craft


Mix and Match Shape Penguin

This Shape Penguin Craft by Non-Toy Gifts introduces children to circles, triangles, rectangles, hexagons, trapezoids, ovals, and squares, so it's perfect for preschoolers and kindergarteners. Kids can mix and match the pieces to create penguins with all sorts of style and personality!

shape penguin craft

Penguin Puppet

This easy peasy Penguin Puppet Craft from Artsy Momma is the perfect project to make after reading your favorite penguin book. You can then use your puppets to act out the story, to sing a penguin song, or just to play with for a while!

penguin puppet craft


Waddling Penguins

Make a pair of penguins that wibble and wobble! This fun Waddling Penguins Craft by Homeschool Preschool is easy to put together using the template, some pipe cleaners to make the penguins bouncy, and a bowl to set them atop of.

waddling penguins craft


Paper Plate Yarn Weaving Penguin

For extra fun, this Paper Plate Yarn Weaving Penguin Craft by Non-Toy Gifts combines a paper plate craft with a weaving craft for added fine motor and dexterity work.

paper plate penguin craft


Penguin Corner Bookmark

For another simple origami project, make this Penguin Corner Bookmark by Red Ted Art. Once you learn the basic origami bookmark, it's as simple as decorating the corner piece to look like a penguin!

origami penguin bookmark craft


Paper Cup Penguin

This Paper Cup Penguin Craft by School Time Snippets doubles as a craft and a toy, and the kids will have hours of fun making and playing with it! What could be more fun than shooting snowballs (cotton balls) out of your penguin popper? 

paper cup penguin craft

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Cute and easy penguin crafts for kids

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