Awesome Apple Crafts and Activities

When fall and back-to-school season collide, that means it's time for some fun apple crafts and activities to get into the swing of the season. We've pulled together a fun list of engaging apple projects that you can try with your kids at home or at school. 

apple crafts and activities

For the apple themed crafts, you'll love making apple prints, suncatchers, pinch pots, and more. You'll find apple activities that focus on the alphabet, learning to spell their names, STEM activities, counting activities, and lots of other educational concepts. And ALL of them are FUN! 

Try one of these fun apple activities or crafts today! With 25 options to choose from, you'll have plenty of creative ideas to keep you busy all autumn long.

apple crafts and activities for kids


Apple Crafts and Activities from Messy Little Monster

We have plenty of apple crafts and activities right here! Our latest fizzy paint apples are a definite favourite, as is the delicious-smelling apple play dough. And if you're hungry, don't miss the apple snacks below!


Fizzy Paint Apple Craft

Have fun with some fizzy paint! Kids will love this Fizzy Paint Apple Craft that's part craft, part science, and totally amazing. It only takes a few minutes to whip up a batch of fizzy paint using any acrylic paint as a base, and then you're all set to paint your apple templates and let the fizzing begin.
fizzy paint apple craft for kids

Apple Counting Activity

Learning to count is a lot more fun when it feels like play. Our Apple Theme Counting Activity for Preschoolers is so engaging and just plain fun. Make an apple tree and apples out of playdough, rolling the dice to see how many apples of each colour should go on the tree. The kids will ask to play it again and again.
apple counting activity

Apple Art Activity

Use apples to make art. Our Apple Theme Art Activity for Preschoolers is messy but lots of fun. Add our apple template, a splash of paint, and some apples to a box, tilt it to let the apples roll, and see what cool sorts of designs are created. No two apples will look alike.

apple theme art activity for preschoolers

Apple Pop Art

Have fun making colourful apple themed pop art inspired by Andy Warhol. Either use an apple stamping technique to create your pop art or use our template with an apple design for a no mess version. Both versions looks really effective and they are perfect for either an autumn theme or an artists study.

apple stamping craft

apple pop art craft

You might also want to check out our little trick for easy apple stamping that involves making a handle. 

Apple Tree Fingerprint Counting

Read the book Ten Red Apples by Pat Hutchins and then use this Apple Tree Fingerprint Counting Activity to practice counting to 10. Kids will have a blast using their fingerprints to create tiny apples for the trees.

apple tree fingerprint counting activity

Graham Cracker Apple Snacks

Feeling hungry? These Graham Cracker Apple Snacks are the perfect after-school or at-home snack for fall. We used graham crackers, candy melts, and pretzels to make our apples. They're a delightful dessert when you're craving something sweet.

apple snack activity for kids


Apple Scented Playdough

The smells of autumn can't be beat. Of course, we try to incorporate those smells into our play when we can. Our Apple Scented Playdough is made with nutmeg and cinnamon to give it a fabulous apple pie scent that you can smell as you play with it. Pair this playdough with some apple or leaf-shaped cookie cutters.

apple scented playdough

Apple Counting Game

Read for an Apple Counting Game? This one is so fun and involves eating chocolate: practice counting and number recognition in a hands-on way. You'll want to sneak a few chocolates for yourself, too, of course.

apple counting activity for kids

Leaf and Apple Printing

Use apples and leaves to stamp out some art on a canvas or piece of paper. Our Leaf and Apple Printing Art Activity does get a little messy, but that's all part of the fun.

leaf and apple printing art activity

Printable Apple Activities

If printable activities are more your thing check out the two packs of apple themed printables that we have available in our shop. First up we have our pack of colour and trace apple activities. Included in this pack are three images to colour and 3 pages of lines to trace. This pack is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers. 

colour and trace apple activities for preschoolers

If you are looking for something for slightly older children our printable apple activity pack for preschool and school aged children is full of fun apple themed activities. There is a life cycle, apple to label, images to sequence, a maze and you can even use the apple investigation sheet to think about what an apple looks, tastes, feels, smalls and sounds like. 

printable apple activities for kids

Our final printable pack is this set of adorable alphabet apples. They can be used as tracing cards or as flash cards. I would recommend laminating the cards for prolonged use. You could trace the letters using a whiteboard pen or copy the letters using a finger in a tray of salt or sand. 

alphabet apple tracing activity

We also have a set of free printable tree templates that you might find useful for making your own apple tree craft! 

Apple Charcuterie Board 

If you start getting a little hungry whilst doing these awesome apple crafts and activities why not have fun making an apple charcuterie board. Kids of all ages will love this yummy treat! Simply make a variety of dips, fill cupcake liners with various toppings, and then have fun dipping apples into the different selections. 

apple charcuterie board - apple activities for kids


More Amazing Apple Crafts

Want even more crafty apple ideas? Take a look at these projects!

apple crafts and activities


Paper Plate Apple Craft

Paper plate crafts are so simple and fun. Odds are you have some paper plates in your cupboard right now! Grab one along with some paint and the apple template to make this adorable Paper Plate Apple Craft by Simple Everyday Mom. Won't they look cute in your home or classroom for the Back-to-School season?

paper plate apple craft for kids

Apple Suncatcher

Give your windows a splash of colour with this lovely Apple Suncatcher Craft by Teaching 2 and 3-Year-Olds. The tissue paper will look so pretty with the sunlight filtering through. This craft is simple enough for your toddlers or preschoolers once the apple outline and contact paper centre are made.

apple suncatcher craft for toddlers and preschoolers


A is for Apple Handprint Art

Preserve your child's precious handprints with this fun Handprint Apple Art by Kindergarten Worksheets and Games. It'll make a sweet addition to your scrapbook or photo album for the year. Choose from the palm-print apples or the handprint apple tree—or do both!

apple handprint craft

Apple Stamping Craft

Cut an apple in half and use it to make a basket full of apples! This Apple Printing Craft by Natural Beach Living is so colourful. We love how the apples are three different colours. Wouldn't this make a pretty print to put on canvas to hang on the wall every fall?

apple stamping craft


Apple Tree Printing with Sponges and Corks

Isn't it amazing how many different things you can use to stamp out apples and leaves? This Apple Tree Printing craft by Emma Owl uses corks and sponges to make a stunning apple tree full of bright red apples. It's another one that would look lovely on canvas.

apple tree painting craft with sponges and corks

Apple Pinch Pots

We love making little trinket dishes, so these Apple Pinch Pots from Red Ted Art are a big hit with us. Making pinch pots is easy for kids of a wide variety of ages and is good for working on fine motor skills. They'd make cute homemade gifts for teachers or grandma.

clay apple pinch pot craft for kids

More Awesome Apple Activities

Maybe hands-on activities are more your style than crafting—no worries! We've got you covered with lots of educational apple activities.


Apple Volcano

Baking soda and vinegar science just got way more colourful. This Apple Volcano Science Experiment by Living Life and Learning is an explosion of fizzy colour inside an apple.

apple volcano science activity

Apple Names

Help your little one learn to spell his or her name with this fun, low-prep Apple Names Activity by A Dab of Glue Will Do. You could also use these printables for sight words and have the children build their site words with apples. What a cute activity!

apple name building activity

Apple Theme STEM Activity

Instead of a marble run, make an apple run! This Apple STEM Activity for Preschoolers by The Educator's Spin On It is a great excuse to use some of those toilet rolls and paper towel tubes that you've been saving. Add some decorative apples and a bucket, and you're ready to go.

apple theme STEM activity for preschoolers

Apple Birdseed Feeders

Attract more birds to your yard with these Apple Birdseed Feeders by Natural Beach Living. They're simple for kids to put together, and it can be especially helpful during the winter months when food can be scarce for our feathered friends.

apple birdseed feeders craft for kids

Count to 10 Playdough Mats

Practice counting with these hands-on Count to 10 Apple Playdough Mats by Preschool Play and Learn. Trace the number on the apple and then build the caterpillar's body segments according to the number. Make sure you laminate these; your toddler and preschooler will ask to play with them over and over.

count to 10 apple playdough mats

Apple Lacing Activity

This Apple Lacing Activity by 123 Homeschool 4 Me combines a cute apple lacing activity with alphabet identification! Lacing helps develop fine motor skills like grasping and also helps with hand-eye coordination. This is a terrific quiet-time activity.

apple lacing activity

Salad Spinner Apple Tree Art

Have you ever used a salad spinner to make art? It's a blast! Kids love it because of the unique patterns and, well, because you get to spin the paint around. How cool! Make this Apple Painting Using a Salad Spinner by Teaching 2 and 3-Year-Olds to learn the technique, and then you can use the same process for all kinds of seasonal and holiday art.

salad spinner apple art for toddlers and preschoolers


Count to 20 Apple Hole-Punching Activity

Work on dexterity and fine motor skills using a hole punch for this Count to 20 Apple Munching Activity by Preschool Play and Learn. Kids will also get some fine motor practice weaving the pipe cleaner worm through the holes.

count to 20 apple hole punch activity

Apple Alphabet Clipping Strips

Kids, parents, and teachers alike will love this low-prep activity using Apple Alphabet Identification Strips by 123 Homeschool 4 Me. Kids learn their lowercase and uppercase letters while working on fine motor skills by squeezing and placing the clothespins.

apple alphabet clipping strips activity


Apple Boats

This Apple Boats STEM Activity by A Dab of Glue Will Do is a simple autumn STEM activity for the classroom or at home. Do apples float in water? It's time to find out! The older ones can learn more about buoyancy and density while younger children will simply enjoy making the apple boats.

apple boats stem activity


Apple Tree Sensory Bag

Start off fall with a sensory bag for your toddler or preschooler! This Apple Tree Sensory Bag by Rainy Day Mum is made with foam sheets and red water beads. Kids can push the 'apples' onto their tree by moving their fingers around on the surface of the bag. 

apple tree sensory bag activity

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apple crafts and activities for kids

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