Apple Theme Counting Game - Math Activities for Preschoolers

We LOVE this apple theme counting game - it's such a fun math activity for preschoolers and it involves eating chocolate! It's perfect for counting, number recognition, not to mention memory! Just scroll down below for directions to make and play your very own apple theme counting game! We have a few more math activities for preschoolers you might enjoy too!

Apple Theme Counting Game - Math Activities for Preschoolers

This time of year is perfect for apple themed activities. For more apple fun check out our apple art activityapple tree fingerprint countingapple play dough, and even the apple theme snack! Doing all of these apple themed activities would make a great mini project for preschoolers.

apple theme activities for preschoolers

This apple theme counting game is such a fun little math activity for preschoolers that doubles up as a memory game. The best bit is that you can eat your winnings! We have a few more hands-on math activities for preschoolers that you might enjoy at the bottom of the page.


Apple Theme Counting Game - Math Activities for Preschoolers

Apple theme counting game supplies:

Directions to make your counting game:

STEP 1: Gather your supplies

For this fun apple theme counting game you don't need many supplies at all! You will just need your apple shaped chocolates, some labels and marker pens. 

counting game for preschoolers

STEP 2: Prepare labels

Once you have your supplies - it's time to start preparing your labels that will go on the apple shaped chocolates. First, write the numbers 1-10 on a sheet of labels and then draw apples on another sheet.

When you draw your apples, carefully draw the number of apples to match the numbered labels. On the first label, you'll draw one apple. On the next, you'll draw two apples. Then, three apples. So on and so forth until you reach the number ten.

As you get to the bigger numbers, you will have to draw very small apples to fit them all on the label - be careful as you are drawing these as it can be easy to mess up.

counting games for kids

STEP 3: Prepare the apple chocolates

Next, prepare the apple chocolates for your counting game - starting by sticking each label on the back of the chocolates. Once you have done that, turn each of them over and line them up in a grid formation to play the game.

math activities for preschoolers

STEP 4: Play the counting game

Now, you are ready to play your apple theme counting game! This is one of the more popular math activities for preschoolers as it is so much fun, and lets face it who doesn't love to eat chocolates. 

To play the game invite your preschooler to flip over two apple chocolates at a time and see if they get a match. If not, flip them back over and let the next player give it a try! See who can get the most matches. Whoever has the most - wins the game!

apple theme counting games

We hope that you enjoy playing this apple theme counting game and eating your chocolates! This counting game is perfect for kids who are learning about counting and number recognition. If your kids enjoyed this fun counting game they will love our other hand on math activities for preschoolers too.

Apple Theme Counting Game - Math Activities for Preschoolers

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