Paper Plate Bee Craft

Have fun making this super cute Paper Plate Bee Craft with your little ones! Bees love the warmer weather so we got inspired and created this charming and fun bee handprint craft that kids will love. The best bit about this paper plate craft it that you can make it rock!

paper plate bee craft

Bees are awesome and hard-working little insects so maybe teach your little one a few bee facts as you get busy making your bee craft.  This paper plate craft is ideal for preschoolers as it's super easy to do and captures those little handprints to treasure forever.

Along with our Paper Bee Craft and Bee Footprint Craft this bee handprint paper plate craft is one of our faves.

Paper Plate Bee Craft

paper plate bee craft for kids

Paper Plate Handprint Bee Craft Supplies:

  • Paper plate
  • Yellow and black paint
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • White cardstock or paper

Paper Plate Handprint Bee Craft Instructions:

STEP 1: Get your supplies ready and get painting!

There aren't many supplies to get prepared for this paper plate craft, but as always it is good to have all your supplies to hand before starting your craft.

To start take your paper plate and paint it with yellow paint. Let it dry completely before continuing.

paper plate craft

STEP 2: Add stripes

Once the yellow paper plate is dry, start by painting black stripes onto it and set aside to let it dry. Once you have made sure the paint has dried, you need to take the paper plate and fold it in half.

bee craft

paper plate bee craft

STEP 3: Shape the paper plate body

Now it is time to shape the bee's body. Start by rounding the right end of the paper plate with the help of scissors. The rounded part is going to be the bee's head. Then trim the left side to look like the stinger.

If you want to add some rocking motion to your bee craft, keep the bottom of your plate rounded so it will be able to move back and forth once this bee craft is completed!

paper plate craft for kids

STEP 4: Make your wings

So, we're getting closer to the end! Make sure your bee's body is ready. Then we can start working on the wings.

bee handprint

You need to take your white cardstock and trace your little one's hands on it and then cut out the hand-shape. Remember you need two handprints, one for each wing!

handprint bee craft

STEP 5: Add the details

Finish off this cute paper plate bee craft by adding a pair of googly eyes and then glue the wings to the bumble bee's body. That's it,  you're done, now try rocking your bee craft to make it move!

handprint bee craft

moving paper plate craft

After making this bee craft you could teach your little ones some facts about bees, after all, they're not just little flying and buzzing cuties, bees are considered one of the most important creatures on the planet!

We hope that you have fun making this paper plate bee craft.

Paper plate bee craft for kids. Bee handprint craft.

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