Painted Rocks Craft - Camping Theme

Children big and small will surely love this rock painting craft! It's the perfect blend of nature, learning and crafty playtime. This set of Painted Rocks provides a great opportunity to explore both the amazing world of rocks and get some much needed time painting! Use our camping themed rock painting ideas or design your own.

painted rocks

Rock painting has to be one of the most calming yet fun activities to do with your kids! We absolutely love painting rocks at home, in fact, my kids love collecting and painting rocks so much that we now own a mini-rock collection!

If you have mini-geologists on your hands, check out these rock painting crafts, they'll love it!

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Painted Rocks - Using Paint Pens

Painted Rocks Craft Supplies:

  • Paint Pens 
  • Pencil 
  • Canvas Bag (optional)
  • Alphabet Stencil (optional)

Painted Rocks Instructions:

STEP 1: Get your rocks ready

Gather all of your supplies and prepare your rocks. I recommend rinsing your rocks in warm water until all the dirt it's gone. Lay them down on a towel and allow them to dry completely before moving on to the next step. 

rock painting supplies

STEP 2: Draw

Get your pencil and first sketch your design onto the rock. From there, colour each rock with your coloured paint markers. Let each colour dry before moving on.

We have gone with an outdoor camping theme for this set of painted rocks, but you really can paint anything! A set of animals, faces, patterns, sea creatures, flowers, the options are endless!

You could even add words to the back of your rocks.

rock painting for kids

STEP 3: Adding final touches

To make your design stand out you may like to outline your design with a black paint marker. Allow the paint to dry completely.

If you want to protect your stones to last a bit longer, use a spray sealer or Mod Podge.

painted rocks craft

STEP 4: Playtime!

Now it's time to enjoy playing with these little painted rocks! 

rock painting ideas

If you’d like, create a small canvas bag to store your story stones. Use an alphabet stencil to paint words onto the canvas bag. Allow to dry completely before storing your stones.

rock art ideas

PRO TIP: You can turn this craft into an educational learning activity in no time! How? Why not make a set that includes characters and settings and use your painted rocks to narrate a story.  You could even write down the story made up using your story stones. 

We hope you love painting rocks with your little ones as much as we do!  Enjoy!

Painted rocks craft ideas for kids. Outdoor camping themed rocks.

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