Mini Dinosaur Garden in a Jar

If your kids are Jurassic Park lovers, they will go crazy over our Mini Dinosaur Garden in a Jar! This is the ultimate craft for dinosaur-obsessed little ones and it’s simple enough for them to do most of the work. The great thing about this dinosaur terrarium is how affordable it is to make and another huge plus is that kids can take it anywhere and let their imagination run wild!

Mini dinosaur garden in a jar

My kids love being outside, but the weather doesn’t always work in our favour! If you can't get out then making your own mini garden in a jar is a perfect solution.

Little ones can have an enchanting dino-themed garden completely mess-free, which I know most parents will appreciate!

This garden in a jar will work well for other themes too, so have fun playing around with different ideas. As well as a dinosaur garden in a jar you could make a fairy garden in a jar or a jungle in a jar.

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Mini Dinosaur Garden in a Jar

Dinosaur garden

Dinosaur Garden in a Jar Supplies:

  • Mini Plastic Toy Dinosaurs
  • Glass Jar
  • Moss
  • Fake Plants
  • Sand
  • Blue Pebbles
  • Small Rocks
  • Fairy Lights
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Foam

These are just suggested supplies, use anything you can find that you think would work well for your garden in a jar.

Dinosaur garden in a jar supplies

How to make a Dinosaur Garden in a Jar:

STEP 1: Get your glass jar clean and ready

Start by cleaning a glass jar. Try to use a jar without any bumps or ridges. Check for labels and peel them off, if there's any residue left, remove it with a little bit of WD-40 and a paper towel. (Do this outside!)

Dinosaur terrarium

STEP 2: Create the perfect soil for the dinosaurs

Grab your supplies and cover the bottom of your jar with the moss, sand and the rocks that you've chosen. For a bit fun, add a blue pebble river!

STEP 3: Make the hill

Add a bit of height to an area of your dinosaur garden by making a mossy hill. Grab your foam and coat it with some glue, then cover it in moss. Glue your mossy hill inside the jar.

Garden in a jar

STEP 4: Add the dinosaurs

Add the little fake tree and your kid's favourite mini dinosaur toys. 

Dinosaur garden

STEP 5: Have fun using your creativity

Play around with the materials you have. There’s no wrong or right way to do this! Allow your kids to add to add grass, sticks and even leaves from your outside backyard. 

Dinosaur craft for kids

STEP 6: Make it magical!

Add some fairy lights inside the jar to create an enchanting looking garden. I recommend battery operated ones, for safety reasons.

Dinosaur garden in a jar with lights

Dinosaur activiiy for kids

And now you're ready to  display your dinosaur garden in a jar. I hope you enjoyed making this lovely Dinosaur terrarium with us. We loved creating it!

Mini dinosaur garden in a jar. This dinosaur terrarium is the perfect dinosaur craft for kids!

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