Easter Chick Craft - Painted Wooden Eggs

This chick craft is such a fun Easter activity for kids! Young children will have a BLAST making this fun Easter craft. It features painted wooden eggs - which make this Easter chick craft the perfect amount of fun. Just follow our step by step directions below to make your very own!

Easter Chick Craft - Painted Wooden Eggs

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The colourful chick craft that we are sharing today is the perfect activity for playdates, parties, and in the classroom. Or even just as a fun Easter chick craft to do with your kids or grandkids. Toddlers and preschoolers as well as big kids will have lots of fun helping with these painted eggs.

We painted wooden eggs but you could also make this craft using real eggs if you prefer!

Just scroll down below to get started with your own Easter chick craft made from painted wooden eggs!

Chick Craft - Painted Wooden Eggs

Easter Chick Craft

Supplies for your chick craft

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Directions to make your own chick craft

STEP 1: Gather your supplies

Before you get started, gather up all your supplies. It's much easier to have it all rounded up before hand so you're not running around while your kids are waiting.

Painted Wooden Eggs Craft for Kids

STEP 2: Paint the wooden eggs

To get started, paint the wooden eggs in the colour of your choice. To get the bold bright colours shown below you will need roughly 2-3 coats of paint. Be sure to allow ample time to dry in between each coat and after the last coat is applied. If doing this craft with younger toddlers they may be happy with just the one coat of paint.

Painted Wooden Eggs

STEP 3: Add feathers

Next, cut small bits of feather to glue onto the side of your egg. We chose feathers to match the colours of our eggs, but you can see what combinations your child decides to go with! A rainbow Easter chick would be fun!

Continue adding more feathers until you are satisfied with the fullness of the wings. You can also glue on an entire feather to the side if you prefer!

Painted Wooden Eggs Craft

STEP 4: Create a face for your Easter chick

To finish off your chick craft, draw some eyes with a pencil and then trace over them with a black paint pen or marker. Younger children may prefer to use googly eyes! 

Easter chick craft for kids

Then, cut a small diamond shape out of orange or yellow cardstock to make the beak. Fold it in half and glue onto the face.

Easter chick craft using painted wooden eggs

There you have it, an adorable and colourful Easter chick. Why not make a whole set!

We hope you enjoy making this fun Easter chick craft! It's such a fun activity that toddlers and preschoolers as well as big kids are sure to love. The painted wooden eggs paired with the fluffy feathers are sure to get kids excited for Easter. We hope you have a blast!!

This Easter chick craft is such a fun Easter activity for kids! Young children will have a BLAST making this fun craft that feature painted wooden eggs!

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