Dino-mite Dinosaur Crafts & Activities for Kids

Dinosaurs are awesome. For kids, they're just about the coolest thing ever! There's nothing quite like a dinosaur craft or activity to get little ones excited about learning and exploring. With that in mind, we've compiled some of our favourite dino-mite dinosaur crafts and dinosaur activities for kids in the list below. 

Dinosaur crafts and activities for kids


If you're looking for a fun and creative way to spend your day with the kids, then these dinosaur arts and crafts are just what you've been searching for. Lots of the dinosaur ideas are easy enough for preschool and some of them are even easy enough for toddlers to enjoy! 

We have compiled a list of dinosaur projects for kids of all ages that are both educational and entertaining! 

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Dinosaur crafts for kids

Roaring Fun Dinosaur Crafts for Kids

Take a look at these roaring fun dinosaur crafts for kids. We have included easy dinosaur crafts for preschoolers and toddlers as well as more detailed and complex dinosaur arts and crafts for older children. All dino fans will find a craft project they will love from this list!

Dinosaur Garden in a Jar

This cute dinosaur terrarium is perfect for your little Jurassic Park lover! They'll have a blast putting the dinosaur garden in a jar together and will love that they can take this dinosaur project anywhere. It's affordable, easy to make, and won't break easily if you put it in a plastic jar. So, you don’t need to worry about it getting ruined when travelling or playing with friends. Let their imaginations run wild!

Dinosaur garden in a jar - Dinosaur crafts for kids


Salt Dough Dinosaur Fossils

Salt dough dinosaur fossils are a great activity for any little dino fan. All you need is 3 simple ingredients, and it's super easy to do with preschoolers or even toddlers too! When they're finished, the dinosaur fossils will last forever—what could be better?

Salt dough dinosaur fossils - Dinosaur craft for preschoolers

DIY Scratch Art Dinosaur Craft

Kids will love making and adding colourful patterns to this DIY scratch art dinosaur craft. Made from cardboard this dinosaur craft is easy to make using just a few supplies.  
Scratch art dinosaur craft for kids

Cotton Ball Painting Dinosaur Craft

Paint with cotton balls to create this dinosaur art preschool project. It is a fun and easy dinosaur craft that is great for young children. 

dinosaur painting for kids


Egg Carton Dinosaur Craft

Your budding palaeontologist will get a kick out of this egg carton dinosaur craft from Our Kid Things. These colourful dinos are made with empty egg cartons, pipe cleaners, paint, and googly eyes. They're eco-friendly and easy to put together! A perfect dinosaur craft for toddlers and preschool children. 

Egg carton dinosaur craft for preschoolers


Dinosaur Stomp

With these DIY dinosaur feet by Team Cartwright, your little one will stomp around in style and with confidence! This game combines dramatic play and proprioception to help them build their coordination skills. These cool dinosaur feet are made from cardboard and can be tied onto any child's foot for a stomping good time. I bet your toddlers and preschoolers will love this one!

Dinosaur feet dinosaur craft for toddlers and preschoolers


Paper Pterodactyl Puppets

These paper pterodactyl puppets from The Craft Train are colourful, easy to put together, and so fun to play with! This dinosaur paper craft would make a cute addition to any child's room as decor or as part of their imaginative playtime.

Paper pterodactyl puppets - Dinosaur craft


Pencil Holder Dinosaur Craft

Back-to-school season is just around the corner, and with it comes a plethora of new supplies. Why not make this cute dinosaur pencil holder from Our Kid Things to hold all those extra pencils? It's made with cardboard tubes, so it's a great way to use recycled materials in your projects.

Pencil holder dinosaur craft for kids


Dinosaur Bracelet

This printable dinosaur bracelet from The Craft Train is a quick and easy dinosaur craft that your little one will love. This Dinosaur papercraft is the perfect activity for those kids who are obsessed with dinosaurs or want their own prehistoric pet pal on hand at all times. Your kiddo only needs three simple supplies: printer paper, scissors, and a gluestick; just follow these instructions from start to finish to create an awesome dinosaur armband!

Printable paper dinosaur bracelet - Dinosaur craft for kids


Paper Plate Dinosaur Craft

There's no need to buy expensive materials for this dinosaur paper plate craft from Learn With Play at Home. All you'll need is a paper plate, some glue, paint, and construction paper in different colours. Learn how to make a pterodactyl, stegosaurus, triceratops, and a T-rex!

paper plate dinosaur craft for kids


Pop-Up Dinosaur Discovery Eggs

These pop-up dinosaur discovery eggs by The Soccer Mom Blog combine crafting and learning into one fun project. Put dinosaur identification flashcards inside a cute egg that kids can decorate anyway they like to create a pop-up learning tool.

Dinosaur discover egg - Dinosaur craft and educational activity


Watercolour Dinosaur Craft

Here's an easy dinosaur craft for your dino-loving toddler! Cut out the dinosaur shapes and provide watercolours to paint them with. Once the paint is dry, add some sequins to make those dinosaurs sparkle! This watercolour dinosaur craft from Fantastic Fun and Learning can be turned into a cute decoration for your child's room.

Watercolour dinosaur arts and crafts for kids


Cupcake Liner Dinosaur Craft

Transform crinkly cupcake liners into adorable dinos with a bit of cutting, glue, and creativity. This cupcake liner dinosaur craft from Artsy Craftsy Mom is super fun for little kids, especially if you're using patterned cupcake liners like stripes or polka dots. Toddlers and preschoolers would love making their own colourful mini dinosaur craft. 

Cupcake liner dinosaur craft for kids


Cardboard Dinosaur Craft

Use old boxes or poster board to make this fun cardboard dinosaur craft from Parenting Chaos. Since they're made with cardboard they'll be quite sturdy and would make cute decorations for the kids' rooms or for a dino-themed party.

Cardboard dinosaur craft for kids


Handprint Dinosaur Card

Make a cute triceratops out of your child's handprint! This dinosaur handprint card by Simple Everyday Mom is such a fun idea for Father's Day, Mother's Day, or for a dino-mite friend. 

Handprint dinosaur craft


Fun & Educational Dinosaur Activities for Kids

Here are some fun dinosaur activities for toddlers, preschoolers and older kids. There is something for everyone to enjoy in this list of hands-on dinosaur activity ideas.

Dinosaur activities for kids

Hatching Dinosaur Fizzy Eggs

Combine science and fun with this lesson on hatching dinosaur eggs. This fizzy dinosaur experiment is perfect for all little dino lovers, and you'll only need a couple of ingredients from your cupboard to set up this awesome chemistry lesson!

Hatching dinosaur eggs - Dinosaur activities for kids

Playdough Dinosaur Activity

There's just something so magical about the small worlds created with playdough. This playdough dinosaur activity is perfect for toddlers and preschoolers, especially if they are interested in these prehistoric creatures. Use items from nature or plastic trees, rocks, etc., to make your own dino island at home. Add dinosaur footprints by walking toy dinosaurs through your island! 

Playdough dinosaur activities for toddlers

Camouflaged Dinosaurs Activity

The use of camouflage is a common survival technique that animals employ to hide from their predators. In this camouflaged dinosaurs project, we demonstrate how this works using toy dinosaurs with leaves as cover. Find leaves in bright yellows, reds, oranges, and deep browns to match them to your toy dinosaurs.

Camouflaged dinosaur activity for toddlers

Pretend Play Dinosaur Activity

Toddlers and preschoolers will have a ton of fun making their own Jurassic Park! Get started on this pretend play dinosaur activity with some toy dinosaurs, oobleck (a non-Newtonian fluid), and plastic trees. I will warn you that this dinosaur activity is a little messy, but SO much fun! 

Oobleck pretend play dinosaur activity for preschool

Dinosaur Sensory Bin

To create a creative dinosaur sensory bin, gather sand and rocks to make their habitat. Add miniature fake plants and trees, and pour a little water to make a river or lake in the bin. Put toy dinos in the scene, and they'll feel right at home in your miniature Jurassic wonderland.

Dinosaur sensory bin - fun dinosaur activities

Dinosaur Hunt

Set up a dinosaur hunt for lots of laughs and giggles! Give your kids some binoculars, dress up in explorer gear complete with safari hats, and let them take their time finding all of those toy dinosaurs you've cleverly hidden around the house.

Dinosaur Hunt - Fun dinosaur activities for toddlers and preschoolers

Dinosaur Sensory Play with Cloud Dough

Let your child's imagination run wild by creating their own dinosaur world with a small box. Add in sensory elements such as cloud dough to play with and explore. They'll play with this dinosaur sensory play with cloud dough for ages!

Cloud dough dinosaur sensory play

Fossil Dinosaur Activity

You'll have a dino-mite time with this dino fossil activity from Kindergarten Worksheets and Games. Grab some pasta and print out these amazing dinosaur fossil freebies to make your own prehistoric find. This is such a great dinosaur activity for toddlers, preschoolers, or kids of any age who love dinosaurs as much as we do.

Dinosaur fossil activity for kids

Dinosaur Dig Activity

Who doesn't want to pretend they're a palaeontologist? With this simple dinosaur dig activity for kids by Fireflies and Mud Pies, you can uncover your own prehistoric finds. All you need is kinetic sand and some plastic dinosaurs! Bury the dinosaurs and let your preschooler uncover them with brushes. Once they're all uncovered, identify what kind of dinos they are using books or resources on the web.

Dinosaur dig activity for kids

Dinosaur Jokes

Have the kids roaring with laughter with these adorable printable dinosaur jokes from Artsy-Fartsy Mama. These are fun for a dino-themed birthday party, especially for handing out as party favours.

Dinosaur jokes for kids

Jurassic Ice Age Activity

Kids are always interested in dinosaurs and the ice age, but this Jurassic Ice Age activity from Daisies & Pie combines both topics. You'll be using your child's toy dinosaurs, water, and bits from nature, like pine needles or grasses. The kids will then freeze them in water and either melt or excavate them using various methods.

Jurassic ice age activity for kids

Dinosaur Colour Matching Activity

Are you looking for a fun and engaging way to work on colours with your kids? This hands-on colour-matching activity is dinosaur-themed, so you know kids will love it. All you need are the dinosaur printables, scissors, glue, and clothespins! This dino colour-matching activity from Kindergarten Worksheets and Games will strengthen their fine motor skills while learning about different colours!

Colour matching dinosaur activity for toddlers and preschoolers

Graphing Dinosaur Activity

Use dinosaurs to teach preschoolers simple math skills. This fun dinosaur graphing activity from Artsy Momma helps preschoolers learn adding and numerical order.

Graphing dinosaur activity for preschool

Sensory Play with Dinosaurs

Give your toddler a fantastic sensory experience with toy dinosaurs and all sorts of tactile materials like cotton balls, coffee grounds & corn kernels. This dinosaur sensory play activity from Simple Fun for Kids might be messy but the fun exploration is totally worth it!

Sensory play dinosaur activity for toddlers

Dinosaur Salt Crystal Experiment

This fun dinosaur salt crystal experiment by Steamsational is more for learning about crystal formation than dinosaurs. However, incorporating dinosaurs is a creative way to spark more interest in the chemistry behind this experiment!

Dinosaur salt crystal science experiment - Dinosaur activities

I hope you enjoyed these dinosaur crafts and activities for kids. If you have any other dinosaur activity ideas or favourite dinosaur crafts, please share them in the comments below! Pin this post to save it for later!

Dinosaur crafts for kids. Dinosaur activities for toddlers, preschoolers and older kids.

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