Rainbow Coloring Pages - Hang Rainbows in Windows to Spread Hope and Positivity

Have you noticed rainbow pictures appearing in peoples windows? If you are wondering why people are putting rainbows in windows it is because children across the world are being encouraged to spread hope during this difficult time by painting or coloring a rainbow to hang in their window. We wanted to get involved by sharing some printable rainbow coloring pages for you to download.

Rainbow coloring pages

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The aim is that by drawing, painting or coloring rainbows we can bring families together and bring a bit of positivity at a time that is difficult for so many people. Sticking a rainbow in your window is a lovely way of showing that we are all in this together!

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rainbows in windows

Rainbow Coloring Pages

We have two different positivity rainbow coloring pages for you to choose from as well as our R is for rainbow coloring page.

You can download the printable rainbow coloring pages using the link at the bottom of the page.

printable rainbow coloring pages

Smile Rainbow Coloring Page

The first of our positivity rainbow coloring pages is a smile rainbow poster. The word smile is written along the bottom of the coloring page with a rainbow and hearts above that create a smile. There is also a border around the edge that you can color.

This rainbow coloring page will look wonderful in your house window and it is great for creating a bit of positivity and making people smile.

rainbow colouring page

Stay Safe Rainbow Coloring Page

The second of our positivity rainbow coloring pages is encouraging people to stay indoors and stay safe. The words stay safe are written across the botton of the coloring page and there is a cloud with a rainbow inside above. Again there is a border around the edge that you might choose to color.

Stay safe rainbow coloring page

There is also a version of this rainbow poster with the words; be happy.

rainbow poster

R is for Rainbow Coloring Page

This rainbow coloring page is part of our ABC coloring pack. This usually costs $3 but you can get the full set (and just print out the rainbow if you wish) for free by using the discount code rainbow.

R is for rainbow coloring page

Rainbows in Windows - Creating positivity and hope 

Once you have colored or painted your rainbow picture hang it up in your window for other families to see. Try and choose a window that other can see from their homes or as they walk by.

rainbow colourings for hope and positivity in windows

If the printable rainbow coloring pages aren't quite what you are looking for you could use them as inspiration and come up with your own!

My own children decided they wanted to add cut out pictures to their rainbows, a fortnite character for Harry and a unicorn for Daisy.

Rainbow pictures

I have also noticed some people drawing or painting rainbows directly onto windows, so that is another option you may like to try.

Rainbow Postcards

We have been asked by a reader if we could make some smaller versions of these rainbow coloring pages so that they could send them as postcards to family and friends. I though that this was a lovely idea (that I think I will do too!) so we have added a version of each of the rainbow printables with 4 to a page so you can cut them up and use them as postcards.


To download these rainbow coloring sheets for free click on the link below to betaken to the Messy Little Monster shop. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

printable rainbow coloring sheets

We hope that you enjoy using these rainbow coloring pages and that they help spread a bit of positivity and hope.

Smile rainbow coloring pages free printable

Stay safe poster rainbow coloring pages free printable

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