Flying Unicorn Paper Plate Craft - unicorn template included!

Calling all little unicorn fans... you NEED this unicorn craft in your life! Unicorn fans will go NUTS over this super fun unicorn paper plate craft for kids. And to make it even easier for you, we've included a free unicorn template. Just scroll down below to make your own paper plate unicorn craft!

flying unicorn paper plate craft with printable unicorn template

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unicorn craft with printable unicorn template

This unicorn craft is one of THE MOST fun paper plate crafts ever. If your little one is unicorn-obsessed... they NEED to make this unicorn paper plate craft now!

Just scroll down below to get started making your own paper plate unicorn craft!

flying unicorn craft for preschoolers


Unicorn Craft (with unicorn template)

See how Daisy (aged 4) made her flying unicorn craft in the video below

Supplies needed for your paper plate unicorn craft

  • Unicorn template
  • Heavy duty paper plate
  • Pipe cleaners - red, yellow, green, blue, purple, and silver
  • Markers - pink, purple, blue, and green
  • Googly eyes
  • Glue
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Watercolours
  • Paintbrush
  • Cottonballs

Directions to make your unicorn paper plate craft

STEP 1: Gather your supplies

Before we get started, make sure to gather up all your supplies. Don't forget your unicorn template! Download and print it off before you begin your unicorn craft. You can find it below if you haven't yet downloaded it.

printable unicorn template

STEP 2: Prepare the unicorn craft

To get started, paint your paper plate with blue paint and then set aside to dry.

paper plate unicorn craft

While it is drying, start colouring the unicorn with markers. Alternatively you may like to paint your unicorn template. 

unicorn paper plate craft

Then, glue googly eyes onto your unicorn template before cutting it out, as shown below.

flying unicorn craft

STEP 3: Create the spring

Next, curl a silver pipe cleaner around one of the markers or a finger to create a spring.

flying unicorn craft with pipe cleaner spring

Once you've done that, straighten out the end and attach it to the back of the unicorn template with some tape.

flying unicorn craft for kids

STEP 4: Make the rainbow

Next, mark 5 dots on the edge of the plate with black marker as shown below. Do this on both sides.

rainbow paper plate craft

Using those holes as guidelines, poke holes with scissors.

paper plate craft for kids

Then, feed the ends of each pipe cleaner through the holes, making sure to line up the pipe cleaners into the correct holes on the opposite side. 

rainbow paper plate craft for preschoolers

Once you've done that, flip over the plate and twist loose ends together to secure the rainbow in place. If your pipe cleaners have too much excess, you can trim the ends with some scissors.

flying unicorn craft with pipe cleaner spring

Note: you can alternatively tape or staple the pipe cleaners in place to make your rainbow

STEP 5: Finalize the paper plate unicorn craft

To finish off the unicorn paper plate craft, use some glue to attach cotton balls at the base of the rainbow to resemble clouds.

rainbow craft for kids

Then, poke a hole in the centre of the plate and feed the unicorn spring through the hole. Add some tape on the inside of the plate to secure it.

With a little flick, the unicorn flies across the rainbow, as shown below. How fun! 

flying unicorn craft for preschoolers with printable unicorn template


To download this printable unicorn template for free click on the link below and add the discount code: unicorncraft. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

Flying unicorn paper plate craft - printable unicorn template included. Unicorn craft for preschoolers.

We hope you have an absolute BLAST making this unicorn craft! Your kids will have so much fun making and playing with this paper plate unicorn craft. This unicorn paper plate craft is super easy to make using our printable unicorn template Now, go have fun!!

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