DIY Notebook Unicorn Craft

Today we're sharing an adorable DIY Notebook Unicorn Craft! It's a quick and easy craft project to make and the kids will be able to use it at school or to make some doodles in their playtime!

DIY notebook unicorn craft

Who doesn't love the cute and enchanting unicorns? My kids sure do! (And me too, I'm a unicorn-fan, guilty as charged!) But I know we're not the only ones.

Magical unicorns are a weak spot for most kids and this little DIY notebook is ideal for any magical unicorn-lover out there.

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DIY Notebook Unicorn Craft

DIY notebook unicorn craft

DIY Notebook Unicorn Craft Supplies:

  • Coloured craft papers
  • Craft glue
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Black sharpie
  • Stationary papers
  • Stapler

DIY notebook unicorn craft supplies

DIY Notebook Instructions:

STEP 1: Pick your craft paper.

Once you've downloaded our printable (available at the bottom of the page), pick the colored craft paper and cardstock you've chosen for this notebook. Take a pencil and trace each pattern from our template on your chosen paper and cut out the shapes you've traced.

Our template includes the unicorn's ears, horns, blushing cheeks, and the flowers. I recommend using cardstock for both the ears and horns. For the flower and other extra decor items, I would use papercraft.

unicorn craft template

STEP 2: Create each unicorn piece.

Get the small pink part of the ear and glue it onto the bigger ear pattern. Do the same with the other ear.

To get a shiny and eye-catching horn, I loved using silver paper, but feel free to use any color and finish you like best. You just need to wrap the horn in it and glue it in place.

For the flowers, take the 3 parts and glue them together; make sure to place them from larger to smaller, placing the smallest flower on the top. 

(see image below as a guide)

unicorn craft

STEP 3: Make your notebook!

Time to get the notebook ready. First, get your white cardstock and the paper you've chosen to work with. It can be any paper, from basic white stationary papers or something fancier.

Pick the size you want the notebook to be and prep the papers according to that, keeping in mind the width should be twice the required size.

For example, for this notebook is 12 cm x 8 cm so I had to cut the papers into 12 cm x 16 cm. 

Once that's done, you just need to fold the papers. Fold the paper in half width ways to create the crease. You can either stitch or staple the middle line, whatever works best for you.

How to make a DIY notebook

STEP 4: Make your notebook cover.

Now you need to fold the white cardstock paper into half along its width just like you did on the previous step with the stationary paper. This will be the notebook's cover.

STEP 5: Start putting it together.

Taking the cover paper, turn it to its wrong side and place it on a table or any flat surface. Then, attach the ears and the horn on the top side of the cover. Make sure the coloured side of both the horn and the ears are facing the right side of the cover.

How to make a DIY notebook unicorn craft

Cut a piece of cardstock paper the size of the cover and add a bit of glue on one side.

DIY notebook tutorial

Place it on the top part of the notebook's cover. This way you'll be covering up the area where the ears and the horn overlapped.

Now fold the cover and that's how the front should look!

DIY unicorn notebook tutorial

STEP 6: Glue your flowers.

Take the prepared flowers and glue them one by one along the top side of the front cover, below the ears and the horn of the unicorn.

How to make a DIY notebook

STEP 7: Draw your unicorn's face.

Draw the unicorn's face with a pencil below the flowers. Feel free to trace the one I did on this craft or get creative and design your own. 

unicorn craft for kids

Use a black marker to permanently draw all the features you traced with the pencil.

easy unicorn craft for kids

Grab the stationary papers prepared in step 4. Unfold the cover and apply glue along the middle crease of the cover.

How to make a DIY notebook

Glue the pages in place. Close the cover once you've glued the papers inside. Apply some pressure and allow it to dry.

How to make a DIY unicorn notebook

And.... you're done!

How cute is this unicorn craft! I love the fact kids can use it and get creative by drawing on its pages, it makes the whole craft-time fun last longer. 

And if you're homeschooling your little ones, I find having kid-friendly stationary things like notebooks, pencils, and other pretty school supplies kids are instantly drawn to, really helps to keep them engaged during the learning process.

So I hope you find this DIY notebook useful and have fun with your kids making it! Enjoy!

DIY notebook unicorn craft for kids


To download this unicorn craft for free click on the link below and use the discount code:unicorn. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

unicorn notebook template

Once you have made this notebook unicorn craft, mix it up a little and try making your own DIY notebook on a different theme! 

How to make a DIY notebook. Easy unicorn craft for kids.

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