Unicorn Bookmark Craft

Looking for an easy and cute bookmark craft for children?  Look no further! This magically adorable baby Unicorn Bookmark Craft is perfect for all the little unicorn fans out there!

unicorn bookmark craft for kids

These cute unicorns will help your little one track each page as they read. They make amazing reading buddies and can help your little one with reading each word.

Making reading time more appealing to kids when they're just starting to learn how to do it themselves can be a bit of a challenge. But there's nothing an irresistibly cute baby unicorn can't solve.

Scroll down to the paper bookmark instructions where we'll walk you through all the steps to nail these cuties on your first try!

unicorn craft for kids

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Unicorn Bookmark Craft

Unicorn Bookmark Craft - Supplies.

  • Coloured craft papers – 4-5 different colours of your choice
  • Cardstock paper – for the bookmark base
  • Pencil – for tracing the template
  • Black marker pen
  • Scissors
  • Craft glue
  • Template (printed and cut out)

Unicorn Bookmark Craft - Instructions:

STEP 1: Cut out bookmark template.

Start this craft by choosing one colour of cardstock paper for the unicorn bookmark base and a selection of other colors for the different parts of your unicorn craft!

unicorn bookmark craft supplies

Trace the unicorn patterns from the free template (download below!) with a pencil on your selected coloured cardstock. Use your scissors and cut out all the traced patterns.  

unicorn bookmark craft template

STEP 2: Make the flowers.

Glue two flower cutouts in a criss-cross pattern and continue doing this to make all the flowers.

paper flowers

STEP 3: Start putting together the unicorn pieces.

Once those steps are done it's time to put together your baby unicorn bookmark!

Take the bookmark base as well as the unicorn body, ears, and horn. Stick the ears and the horn pieces along the rounded end of the unicorn's base.

Add glue to the unicorns body (not the arms or legs).

easy bookmark craft for kids

Place the glued side of the unicorn body on the bookmark base, attach it with the base by matching the curvy ends.

paper bookmark craft

STEP 4: Add the flowers

Right below the unicorns ears and horn, glue the flowers all along the top part of the unicorn's head.

how to make a unicorn bookmark craft

STEP 5: Attach the blush and the mouth.

Continue by gluing the blush and mouth cut out to the unicorn's body.

how to make a unicorn craft

STEP 6: Draw some details.

Now, add all the extra face details like the eyes, nose, and lips first with a pencil and then outline them with a black marker.

how to make a bookmark craft

unicorn craft for kids

And your baby unicorn bookmark craft is completed!

paper bookmark craft for kids

This unicorn craft is great for encouraging your kids to go wild and explore their creativity. Create as many baby unicorn bookmarks as you like mixing different color combos and let your little one create a whole group of baby unicorns to help them during their reading sessions!


To download these Unicorn Bookmark Craft for free click on the link below and use the discount code:unicorn. For personal or classroom use only. Not for redistribution. All images are copyrighted. Thank you.

unicorn bookmark craft template

We hope that you enjoy making this unicorn craft as well as using your newly made bookmark craft for your reading sessions! Have fun! 

Unicorn craft for kids. Easy paper bookmark craft with template.

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