Hobby Horse Craft

Horsie, horsie don't you stop, just let your feet go clippety clop. For this weeks rhyme time we have made a simple hobby horse. Using cardboard tubes and our FREE PRINTABLE this craft is simple to set up and perfect for all ages from toddlers upwards.  

Simple hobby horse craft using recycled cardboard tubes:free printable

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To make a simple hobby horse you will need:

  • Horse head printed onto card (click here for free horse printable)
  • A cardboard tube 
  • Paper strips (with cuts for the horses mane)
  • Eyes, stickers, pom poms, crayons etc to decorate

Making a simple hobby horse using free printable and cardboard tube

How to make a hobby horse

Cut out a horse head shape (horse printable available here) and decorate.  You could use crayons like Daisy (age 14 months)

hobby horse craft for toddlers

or go straight onto cutting and sticking like Harry (aged 4).  We used cut up strips of paper for our horses manes. 

scissor skills horse craft

Other ideas for decorating are using paint,  decorating with a selection of collage materials or using a realistic colour horse head and wool for a mane. 

You might want to decorate both sides of your horses head.  Once dry simply cut 2 slits into your cardboard tube at one end and slot your horses head on. 

hobby horse paper craft for kids :  horsie horsie rhyme

Harry was really proud of his hobby horse (especially his hair style!) and he loved galloping around the house on his horse. Daisy loved being involved too and enjoyed listening to the nursery rhyme and copying Harry. 

make a hobby horse for pretend play

We took our hobby horses outside and had some races to see which horse could clippety clop the fastest around the garden. This was a really enjoyable craft and the pretend play that followed was lots of fun. 

Messy Little Monster: Hobby horse craft (FREE PRINTABLE) for kids.  Horsie horsie nursery rhyme

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