Monday, 5 January 2015

Ice Painting

Ice painting is sooo much fun!!! You get all the freedom and mess of painting but you get to experiment with freezing paint and watching it melt too! I love the bright colours that these ice paints create and the way the ice glides across the paper as it starts to melt.

Making these brightly coloured ice paints was really easy.  All you need to do is squeeze some poster paint into some small pots (we used yoghurt pots), put in a lollypop stick and pop them in the freezer.

 Once the paints have frozen you're ready to get painting!

 Harry loved using the ice paints.

He painted on a large scale....

....with huge arm movements. 

The paints were easy to use and they slid across the paper easily as the ice started to melt a little. 

Harry had a go at mixing the colours. 

He enjoyed breaking the ice and getting nice and messy!

Harry: Age 3

What will you paint?

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  1. How much fun!! What a creative way to get crafty and paint. Thanks so much for stopping by to share with us today on our Facebook page!

  2. This is so fun! Thank you for sharing it with us #Pintorials